Bandage making a fool of Wexford here

Words escape me :blink:

Hi, I’m TJ Reid and I read Sliotar Maga-zee-an.

Who in their right mind would read something endorsed by TJ Reid…Cunt probably only looks at the pictures

Jaysus Bandage. You are better than this dross.

As and aside, the ref in the Wales Scotland game is some muck savage.
George Clancy from Bruff.

An absolute prick of a man, an ego with a whistle…

It seems I’m in the minority in finding this hilarious then. Got an email in work yesterday from somebody recommending a viewing of the clip. I think it’s comedy gold but there you go.

Hi, I’m TJ Reid and I read Sliotar maga-zee-an.

Fucking bogger.

Have you paid your Shannon RFC membership this year Puke? A truly shameful club.

The auld lad is a member, I used to play a bit underage with them but would only go to the odd AIL game these days…Still can’t get over the anti shannon agenda on here…

I would burn Shannon men Eddie Halvey and Mick Galway for obvious reasons, that’s for starters. The club again showing a distinct lack of class by firstly foul-mouthing and intimidating an international referee and then not taking their scolding from the IRFU. Their mouthpiece/PRO comes across as a right tool aswell.

what the fuck- what an absolute mong- it sickens me that he is from the same country as me

It’s ok, he’s not Italian

+1. It’s galling and sickening.

The only saving grace, and it’s a small one, is that at least he didn’t say, ‘Hi, I’m TJ Reid and I suppose I read Sliotar maga-zee-an.’

thats for sure

what the fuck is a slither anyway?

A really really really really really really really really really thin slice of something

good stuff - for a second there i thought muldoons had made up their on name for an agriball

Your thinking of a sliver :rolleyes:

I’ve been calling out distasteful bogger behaviour on this portal since 2006. And I will continue to do so.


You’re thinking of “you’re” :rolleyes: