How many of you have accounts and if so with which firms?
I have had an account with paddypower for a couple of years now. Couple of weeks back I also opened a Boylesports account cause of their offer (If you open a new account and put bet on (max 50 euro) they refund same amount into your account after placing the bet. Just did a google search and bruce betting and hacketts have similar offers. Nice way to make a few bob though can be frustrating to open up lots of accounts and these offers encourage you to make highish stakes as no real point in wasting the offer by putting a fiver on something as only a fiver will then be returned. Also despite Hacketts offering odds on WWE they don't offer anything on le tour. Cowboys.


Phone: Powers, Celtic

Online: Powers, Victor Chandler, William Hill, Betfair

Most of the online ones were only opened cos they had a better price on something I really fancied. Would tend to bet more over the phone.

Powers have also dropped their minimum bet from e15 to e5 over the phone. This was the main reason I opened another telephone account cos it was a pain in the arse having to alway bet at least e15 with them. Any of the powers workers on here know if they were losing business cos of it or something? Bit of a strange decision from them.


I have online accounts with Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Betfair. Almost exclusively use Paddy though.

Don't use the phone because I'm too shy - but if I'm stuck I ring Larry and get him to ring for me. Pretty sad actually, must get over that sort of thing. I still get Mrs Rock to ring the takeaway for me whenever I want something.


Jeez Rock, thats Idiot of the Month stuff if you ask me. You've enough guts to ask someone to marry you and to say "I do" in front of god knows how many people and to make a speech etc in front of them but you cant ring some lad down the road to order a Cod and Chips? This should be directed to the Things that are Wrong thread!


What happens when you want to withdraw funds out of your william hill and chandler accounts mac? Do they send you a cheque or is money lodged into your credit card/account? Also have a ladbrokes account and they lodge money straight into your account which is convenient compared to paddy sending cheque out.


Chandlers lodge it back onto my card. Havent done it with Hills yet as I only opened it a few weeks ago. Think that once you use a laser card or a visa card you should be alright. Theres some problem with lodging money back onto mastercards I think.


Just have a Paddy Powers account and I generally do the bets online. Sometimes I have to ring if I'm out and about or in work with no access to betting sites. I have a mental block with BetFair and just don't get it and that's no matter how many times people on here and in person have tried to explain it to me! I'll be setting up a Hackett's account to avail of their wrestling books in the coming days.


Worst part about it is that you need to ring Paddy to make a withdrawal from what I can figure out. So I've a few hundred sitting there for the last year that I haven't withdrawn because I won't ring them. Ladbrokes is just a click on the screen to get funds back into your current account.


Right thanks. Have a mastercard so that is probably where my difficulty lies.


Can you not do it online? I've always been able to do it from their website before. Do you not have a withdrawal option?


You can't do it online with paddy if you have a mastercard.
Actually forgot to mention I also have accounts with Ladbrokes (who lodge money bank into account), Skybet and Betfair. Don't know what the story is with withdrawing from Skybet and Betfair. Presume cheques for mastercard users would be in euro.


Think Mastercard is the issue. Ladbrokes are handiest.


have a betfair account myself but and an account with the local bookie in killaloe for the phone....which is handy as he will give you credit if you have nothing in the account(but not much all the same).....


I know why the minimum stake has been dropped on the phone with Powers but Im not at liberty to say why. I've only got a betfair account myself but am considering opeing a Hacketts account if they continue to offer WWE events<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif


Online: Betfair, Paddy Power and I'm sure i've a couple of others set up at some stage

Phone: Local bookie. Will take bets on trust as well, which is sound. Would know him quiet well though.


Its hardly top secret government information is it flano?! I assumed it was something to do with losing business, customer complaints or some staff member making an almighty mess of some bet. Either that or some change of system internally.


This was always the source of much hilarity for me in my days living with Rock and Pisshands. Both of them had this bizarre phobia. Making the phone often resulted in an excusal from answering the door, making the tae or other uncouchly chores.


Forgot to mention that there would have been times when I came home(possibly from a hard day's graft) to find the two boys starving but in a standoff over who would make the call....


The usual deal was that whoever rang didn't have to pay but neither of us would ring anyway. Sometimes Juhy would take pity and pick the phone up for us but oft times we'd just starve.

It's a weird thing with me. Trying to stamp it out. Made a phone call just there that I wasn't confident about but it's done now and I feel better about myself.


Afraid to phone the chipper? Jaysus are ye afraid to walk into a dark room aswell?

Have an account with Bet365, Totesport, Betfred, Sportingbet, Chandlers, BlueSquare, Betdirect, Skybet, StanJames, Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill, Cashmans, PCSport, Betfair and Betdaq. I am closed with Bet365 and restricted with Ladbrokes. Was closed down by VC, but after appealing they let me have bets to win €200 only.

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