My online betting does not show up on my bank statements purely because i only use paypal as the intermediary now to channel funds between betting accounts and bank. In any event i have no betting accounts left in my own name so i’m only channeling money from my paypal to someone else’s paypal so that i can put the money in or out of their betting accounts for my own usage.

In short all that shows up on my bank statement is €1000 to Paypal Europe one month, or €1000 from Paypal Europe the next month, and so on. Your Paypal account won’t tell your bank statements what you’re doing WITHIN Paypal.


What about if I want to Bank the money? – and i’ve been following your Eastern Europeans and have a steady regular amount coming in from Pay Pal… open a different bank account with a different bank I suppose


Its all on my Revolut Account. All my winnings go to Revolut.


You know what my next question is there :smiley:


Go on…


What’s a Revolut …


Tis an app on your phone. A mobile bank account basically.


By god… you young fellas are great.


They’re not all like me. I’m a different sort of young fella.


It’s the future mate. Great for FX as well.


I don’t follow this approach myself but it is good advice i think. Instead of sending a grand to paypal send €949.99.

Bank stooge: “What is this €949.99 you sent to Paypal on April 3rd?”
Joe Blogs: “Oh i use Paypal to buy stuff online”.
Bank stooge: “So i can note this transaction on my records, what did you need to purchase for €949.99? This is a larger than normal transfer.”
Joe Blogs: “A sex robot from the dark web.”

No further questions about your Paypal account.


Give up the betting lark altogether lads, if ye were any good at there’d be no need for all the deposits


I need to keep the Romanians happy though… No mon no fun.


A friend of a friend was asked why she drank so much coffee after they reviewed her statements. That was the bad old days though, they are back to not giving two fucks again now. You can afford it or you can’t


Do all bookies operate this Revolut method? But can you bet online using this method? I assume yes. But then if you are barred in your own name it’s no good.


The Revolut Visa card works online anyway. I use it with a few bookies.

Get the Physical card for 6 euro.


Is it sore on batteries?