Anyone know if is possible to see the price fluctuations and time stamps of price changes that bookies have priced up after the event is over? Like the odds checker history. Would odds checker save this info and make it available does anyone know?


No idea


Not that I know of. It’d be really valuable. Thought about making one in my heavy punting days.


How would you go about making something like that?


Cowboys Ted,


Have they made a space for you yet?


I reckon that @KinvarasPassion would know a nice Indian chap that could knock up a little robotic automation for that.


Web scraper, write to dB.
Write website connected to dB grouping the data into books/trends.


db has enough to be doing already giving us tips. Don’t overburden him.


Fuck off squareheadswangobbler


Easily done. Surely someone has tried it? The legalities around scraping data could be a key issue I suppose.


‘Seanie Mac leased odds from Boylesports until April last year.’

Lol, no wonder they went bust.

Seanie Mac were a conglomerate of independents who sought an online presence were they not?


They were based in an old warehouse in Kimmage or Crumlin. Shadiest operation I’ve seen in a long time. Anyone betting big with an operator like that would want their head examined.


What does leasing odds mean?


They didn’t have own odds compilers they just used boyles odds

No idea why they didn’t just rob them and say nothing


This is what I don’t get, just use oddschecker ffs.


Perhaps some regulatory issue


Boyles furnished them with all their own odds and I would strongly guess when Boyles moved odds they would move on Seanie Mac site too. So in other words no traders/compilers of their own employed. Terry Rodgers used to provide a similar service to independents (possibly still do), that’s where a lot of independents derived their odds in the shops. Madness copying a two bit operation like Boyles though.


They would have also leased the inbuilt risk management controls as well as the prices as far as I know. The prices is the easy bit. Its the quick changing of prices or alerts on liability sizes etc that will make or break a small independent.