Biggest bookmaker because they have the most markets available.

Not sure if you have heard of PGA but the group has around 700-800 people in it. Members paying 25 pounds a month. Guy who runs it takes on 18k in Subs each month. Once the admin tips, the price will plummit fairly quickly. Bet 365 went on a run recently for restricting accounts for “Syndicate Betting”


A 25k bet for a 19 year . You’d have to wonder. Not that it makes any difference mind you


They are wondering. Thats the issue. It’s clearly a pro punter using a young girl to open an account for him because they won’t deal with him anymore. Interesting to see did they do a full due diligence on where a 19 year old got the money before they accepted the bets


Yes. My surprise is at the business valuation. I don’t know the appropriate multiple for a bookmaker but it can’t be much in double figures. Can they be generating 400 cash per year?


Betting should be banned. Half the social welfare of the country flooding into paddy power’s pocket.


Any stats to back that point up


For the year ending March 27, 2016, Bet365’s revenue rose 5% to £1.55b while profits improved 10% to £448m.

Denise Coates has a net worth of 4.1 billion USD


The lefties won’t allow the CSO to release the stats. Same as the traveller crime ones.


In Germany, you’re not allowed gamble if you’re on social welfare


Proper country.


No bullshit there


Anything to back that up mate


If they are willing to take the bet then they should pay out. As you say, due diligence should be down before they accept the customer not after they win big.

All too often you hear of bookmakers refusing to pay out when a bet wins citing some rule, but if you went back in looking for a refund on a losing bet citing the same rule you’d be given short shrift.


Profit margin above 25%! How do they achieve that?


Absolutely. Bunch of pricks


Getting rid of their informed and clever punters would be a good starting point.


I’m most surprised it’s that high bit they should have higher margins anyway than market as no shops. All online. Assume casino games are much higher margin than sportsbooks but don’t know their turnover breakdown




Just logged on to my 365 there and checked the limits on the Hurling Final

PP or Boyles wont give you anything near that id say


Look to the East