Cunts refusing to even refund the stake :sweat_smile: That’s just straight up theft


The betting syndicates not successful enough to cover all the mug punting on premiership. You would then think skybet would be paying for shy sport at this stage


Sky up to their usual tricks


Your man comes across as a cunt aswell,calling the Open the biggest golf tournament in the world :rollseyes:


Just went on my Bet365 there. The max they’ll let me have @ 28/1 ew (8 places 1/5 odds) is 446.43 ew :joy::joy:


That would be about right,the cunts will lay you nothing these days.


Sounds like William Hill are best positioned for the inevitable legalization of the industry in the US. Powers/Betfair are making inroads however. Podcast explaining whats going on


I see Sean Quinn is on board.

Anyone know whose prices he is using ?


They’re using the same infrastructure Bruce Betting use. Am sure they’ll offer all kinds of incentives but there’ll be some craic getting paid out of them if their insurance claims business is anything to go by.


Is that a loaded question ? :grinning:


Who ever designed the quinnbet site should be shot its around 10years behind. Was on it last night comparing a few prices with other firms As predicted they’re the worst price in everything.they don’t even have the under 21 hurling semi finals priced Ffs.


This venture is total insanity, will not end well. Who has put up the funding for it I’d love to know? Typical greedy Irish ignorance. “Ah sure this stuff is easy, anyone can do it. It’s money for old rope”. These people aren’t qualified to hold a bookmaking license, they have no experience in that field. When they get their holes opened and a few sharks take them for 250k early on are they going to pay up?


Depends what the plan is for it. As a betting firm it will probably fail, but as a way for Sean Quinn to rediscover some money that he’s been missing, it’ll likely be very successful


Spot of laundering like?


That attitude got them into the shit the last time


Lot of off-shore money needs to be brought back home.


This seems to be the general theory. There might be a few Ukrainian high rollers who lose fortunes with them.


Vegas was built on it, there’s no better way


It is a well used model in the border counties


Well used model over here too