Not at all .


You’d imagine that they’ll register high on the Revenue audit list


They’ll have their own dedicated team


OK guys, who is going to be first to open an account with Quinn?


Say you were lucky enough to win 20-30k from a small lucky15 bet. You could have some bother trying to get them to pay it, no?


Will they applying the same erm "rigorous assessment " of insurance claims to betting ?



Go on and be our Guinea pig .


You’ll get your winnings in blood stained Hryvnia at your local Lidl carpark.


The best part is that all those idiots who marched on his behalf will now lose their dole money on his website.


Where the fuck dud he get the money to open that. To get a licence you need some capital behind ya. It’s insulting to the working man. Hope they get cleaned


Decent read this …


Can someone do me a favour please

Auckland v waikato in am…can you go to match betting market and try and put on say 500 quid ( just more than you have in account so bet wont go through) on waikato and tell me if default bet limit is coming up. Trying to back waikato but telling me 50 quid limit on it…

Also limiting to 25 quid on try market’s


It could be worse, I am limited to €1.20.


You can get 2/1 Waikato on the exchange, I am sure you would get 9/4 in the morning.


I’m limited to 110 on Waikato and 25 on race to market


With which bookmaker? Sounds like you are being monitored. Next step they will cut you to buttons if you keep up usual trends.


Betway are cunts. Cunts. Sky are 13/8 at present, BB and SJ are 9/4.Betway…horrible cunts.


They’re entitled to go whatever odds they want. Maybe they’re ducking that team for good reason, because they fancy their chances better than the other bookies. On the flip side they’ll be a better price than the rest on the other side.


Cheers all. Someone else checked for me as well and they were limited same as Art. Looks like they just not willing to lay much on the Mitre 10 cup. And who could blame em

Btw…dont fancy waikato all that much just think auckland are poor. Was more interested in waikato to score more than 2 tries…got on with 365 who were 11-10 so far better price anyway


Max I can get on Waikato @ 19/10 on Bet365 is 328 euro.

Max on the Race to 25 is 227 euro @ 11/4

If you want more it’s referred to trader