Thats decent limits in fairness.


Waikato well in control on the hour up 32-20. Tries overs well up 4 on the board already


Fair play. The kids are back in school. You deserved a rest.


Will you ever go back to school?


It would cost me too much money to get a job


Sure now you can add “university of life” to your LinkedIn profile :smile:


Finding yourself is a full time job mate


I like that one


You have to be on the Desktop site to see limits which is a pain :confused:


Skybet ending their affiliate program due to regulatory concerns.

Wonder will more follow suit.


What does this mean?


Affiliates are referers.
If you refer on a customer you get a cut of their losses. If you sign up to a bookies through the likes of odds checker or the racing post, they will be getting a cut of your loses on a monthly basis.

You’ll have alot of fairly pissed of affiliates now.


@TreatyStones has it spot on.

Bet365 referral scheme is 30% of losses I think


Who would be an affiliaite? An individual?


Yip anyone can sign up to it.
I have a couple of affiliate accounts based on a website I was involved with years back. Had a few sign ups through it. Didn’t get much out of it, until one month a few years later I got the bones of 600 quid lodged into my account, got another 200 the following month, and nothing since. One of the people who’d signed up must have been using it as a sleeper account or something.


So for e.g. could racing blogger clown be an affiliate. So he refers loads of chumps through an offer code puts up rubbish tips and sweeps up a percentage of their losses?


Yip, that’s pretty much how it works. If you see at the bottom of a column the tipster telling you to back it with a certain bookie you can be fairly sure it’s an affiliate link.

Also if you were a pro-gambler, it would make sense to sign up through affiliate links that you may either control or could be in cahoots with. You could be ensuring yourself for up to 30% of your losses.

But say you were a blogger/website you heavily promoted skybet on your website at the expense of other bookies, you are going to pretty pissed off now if SkyBet say tough shit, we are keeping the customers you sent us, but you are getting fuck all for it.


The Guardian has a story today about tipsters recommending dud tips in articles on purpose. :eek:



25 to 1k challenges are the Affiliate Dream.


A nest of vipers.