Was a huge scandal back in the day about the “city boys” column in whatever rag piers morgan was running tipping share purchases in the paper and selling their own stock out on foot of the increase.

This is open to similar abuse clearly


@gilgamboa & @Juhniallio if you want to sign up a new account to Paddy Power just let me know


Just an example I see on Twitter


Of course affiliates tip losers, their whole business model is based on it.


Surprised Jennings hasn’t a few links on his articles :joy::joy:


But sure the Racing Post is basically just an affilate?

Even the adds in the paper can be affilate ads. You’ll always see “Signup with Promo Code RP39394 and get your free bet”


Basically yeah


I checked that old Powers affiliate account I have. Still a small bit of activity on it.
The commission structure of the casino games is savage:

Bingo All All £0.00 - £999,999,999.00 Net Revenue Bingo 35.00%
Casino All All £0.00 - £10,000.00 Net Revenue Casino 25.00%
Casino All All £10,000.00 - £25,000.00 Net Revenue Casino 27.50%
Casino All All £100,000.00 - £999,999,999.00 Net Revenue Casino 45.00%


So if I lost 100 quid you would get 45 back from PP? Or is it net losses on an account?

No wonder they have to shut the accounts so quickly. Bookies operating off tight enough margins that any fellas acting in tandem here can give themselves a right edge


The 45% is on Casino games.
I actually couldn’t find the sportsbook figures but I think it’s closer to 25% and it’s reset on a monthly basis. So if you won all around you one month, I wouldn’t get paid for that month. If you lost everything then the next month I would get a cut of the losses without being penalised for the previous months winnings.


You’d want your head examined to be dealing with Bookmakers


That’s a great scheme. So would a lad be able to open an account through any bookmaker (say betvictor, corals, William hill) or is it only certain bookmakers you’d have this scheme with (paddy powers)? So you could have a mate agree to open a new account through your website and ye could come to an agreement where ye split the losses he may incur back to you? So if he lost 2k in one month you might be kicked back €500 working off 25% assumption. Ye could split it 50/50 and each get €250.

I would assume an account that looks in any way sharp but is connected to affiliate would be closed faster than one unconnected to anything? Surely they could check that.


If you had your affiliate website with a high enough profile or tailored to the right audience you could get incredibly lucky to hook some Playboy son of an Arab sheikh for example with nothing to do every day except punt and with no regard for money. You could make hundreds of thousands sitting on your arse while this fella lost millions betting on racing at Meydan. Its the ultimate money for jam really.


Yip, that’s pretty much it.
Imagine how many accounts oddschecker and the racing post are linked to?


It’s no wonder the racing post relentlessly plug their app. They must be making a killing.


Its not inconceivable to imagine the racing post and oddschecker getting kicked back a few hundred grand a year through this. Such a simple thing that’s overlooked when you open a new account. I’ve never really thought about it but I do remember opening a new account once a few years ago with a promo code. Other than that I’ve just gone straight onto bookies site. As you say it’d be great if you were serious about punting to set up a fake affiliates site under a mates name and if you do have a bad month, say 3k loss, at least you might claw back the guts of a grand through the affiliate kick back. It all sounds so easy.


Oddschecker and RP set their terms for the bookies due to the volume they drive. They have a mix of guaranteed payout and a CPA model I believe. Oddschecker punters are usually shrewd so its the bookies way of paying for information.

Part of a decision in restricting accounts can be linked to the affiliate you sign up through.


What about people who don’t sign up through an affiliate, they must get more credit? Can the bookies see if you’re betting through oddschecker?


To the 2nd question, Yes.

To the first question, I’d say you’re far likelier to be viewed as a mug if you sign up through some mid sized affiliate than if you sign up direct.


Surely this would be amazing for a lad money laundering. He doesn’t give a fuck if he’s losing 20% as long as the money is coming back to him clean and this gets him back an even bigger chunk of his losses.