This has been doing the rounds. Belongs to one of the big affiliates on Facebook/Twitter


Small fry. Biggest affiliates in Casino and Sportsbook would have commission being paid to them of 6 figures every month if not more



Bookies are scum


Lads, this may sound stupid but, if I put on a 4 horse accumulator e/w and they all place, do I not win the place money?


You certainly do. Well done.


You should, just check how many runners were in each race. A late NR can fuck up a bet like this.


Pp have marked it as a loser. The fucks.


What race was it?


Which race was marked loser?


They might not have been paying 3 places in some of them there was small enough fields in a few


17.40 Humm baby. It was a 5 horse race and there was a none runner dropped out to make it 4. It’s marked as a place in the slip. Put the bet on last night when it was 5 runners.
If the re is no place awarded, surely that place part is void and I should get paid on the other 3.
Had the 4 in a Yankee and then a separate accumulator. Both ew


I don’t get the ew that was offered when I placed the bet?



For example, if you backed e/w in a 8 runner race it’s first 3. If a horse is withdrawn at the start it becomes first 2.

If your horse comes third in this scenario it’s a loser.


But it’s an ew bet and they cancelled any ew so surely that leg of the bet is voided?


You’d often wonder if bookies pay off a trainer to declare a horse a NR to reduce the placings


I’d have to see the specific bet to know. Is there non-runners involved?


It becomes a de facto win only bet.


Less than 8 runners, you only get two places. Less than 5, its win only. Unlucky J.


Surely if it’s win only the fact that I’ve bet a place makes it void on that leg?