Fuckin hell! That’s ridiculous shit.


Does the section on probability of odds mean they will refund losing bets when an odds on jolly is turned off by a 33/1 shot ?


Book making is finished. Both sides are to blame but it’s done. End of story.


This should be an interesting read. Powers should get exposed for lack of / ignoring KYC for a VIP on a modest salary.


Avoid Betway.

Bet placed Saturday morning, bet won and was settled as a winner. Balance updated and I put in a Withdrawl. Now they’ve unsettled the bet :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


You’re having a great week :smile:


Cunts is all they are.


What reason have they given?


at 15:21, Nov 14:
The reason the bet is still pending is due to an ongoing third party investigation
at 15:23, Nov 14:
If you would like you can request for the bet to be voided and your stake returned or you can wait until the investigation is complete


Your holding tough i presume?


Of course


Is there any reason to believe the game may have been compromised?


Bet was Dacia to be winning at HT and Satu Mare to win the match


Hmmm… The 42nd minute penalty is the answer I was looking for!!


This is brilliant. So one team is winning 1-0 and concedes a goal after the 40th minute. Mysteriously they concede a penalty in the 42nd minute so Dacia go in at half time 2-1 up. Bang on the 50th minute Olimpia get their equaliser and then bang on the 60th minute they get another to go 3-2 up. Dacia, while leading 2-1 at half time made 2 substitutions during the break!


Had similar issue with Coral earlier this year. Had a bet on Michael Conlan’s pro debut to end in round 3. Wouldn’t pay out and and said it had been forwarded to independent third party for investigation. Money eventually landed in my account about 3 months later.


That was a ballsy bet on a match that looks very fixed.


Betting is for mugs.


As advised previously I’d be deleting those other posts in the Degenerate Gamblers thread…


Good idea.