I lost that in a few weeks following the tips here


I don’t have much to be doing, but explaining what an average is isn’t high on my list


@Julio_Geordio has serious issues with people who fail to grasp the concept of an average


Not to mind a median.


The “average” is full of fucking shit,you may aswell be asking the majority of strange cunts around here how many women they have slept with FFS.




New PP app is an absolute disaster, the deposit mechanism doesn’t work well at all


Sportingbet, don’t waste your time.


Agreed. I did waste my time and was never sent packing from anywhere as quick. :smile:


My Romania bet still being investigated :smile:


Betway just refused ‘Mrs Mac’ a tenner bet on a college basketball game :smile:


Anyone use geoff banks?


I follow him on Twitter. Well able to say he’ll take a decent bet at a competitive price. Don’t know anyone that’s used him though.


Sorry @Ewan, but :smile:








Some man


You won’t see them reporting about fixed matches in Romania though :joy::joy::joy::joy:

On another note, the new PP app is a big improvement on the old one they had