I’d love to see a few articles on what he loses the loon.


The leader should be ashamed giving this fella column inches so often. FFS reporting on a fella that put €10k on a 2/5 shot that barely wins. I’d love to be taking his bets. I think he lost one backing Munster at 1/33 or something similar.


He’s a mad bastard. I’ve come across him a few times as he lives beside an uncle of mine and he sometimes needed a hand with stuff. I can safely say not one bit of the money he win is invested in material items. His house is a hovel with out a front door. Numerous greyhounds wander through the house and their droppings were everywhere. All kitchen appliances had either rust or holes in them. His car had no windscreen so he didn’t have any place to display the necessary paperwork which he never had in any case. A rare breed.

Some great stories about him getting out of court and fines.


This is all true. I’ve heard the same from a reliable source. There’s also meant to be a kind of natural moat around the house and during really wet weather the water level rises so high that it’s unpassable unless he wants to swim or paddle across in some way.







Christ above they are shameless bastards.

Examples of failures included one customer being allowed to deposit £654,000 over nine months without any checks being carried out.

The Gambling Commission said the customer lived in rented accommodation and was employed within the accounts department of a business - earning around £30,000 a year.

Another case saw one person allowed to deposit £541,000 over 14 months, after an assumption based on a verbal conversation was made that their potential income could top £365,000 a year, and no further probing undertaken.

In reality, the Gambling Commission said this person was earning £30,000 a year and was stealing from their employer to fund their gambling habit.


In this anti addiction era, why are the Leader glorifying him though??


Was in my local PP yesterday and placed a bet on a Team to cover the -5.5 Handicap in a basketball game.

I checked odds on my phone when I was in shop wrote out the slip. Lady behind the counter took bet without any problems . Didn’t check price or odds etc.

Game was on today and the team won by 6 so bet won.

I went in to collect my bet and they say the line changed the 10.5 30 seconds before I placed the bet and they’re saying my bet is a loser…

Is this right ?


What exactly did you right on the slip


The league

Team X vs Team Y

Team Y -5.5 points @ 5/6


If she took the bet then they should pay out.


How can they renege on that so?


I’d imagine/guess CP has bet on another fixed game that’s been flagged and there going to make his life hell in trying to get his money.


Not fixed. I backed em -5.5 and they win by 6 :joy::joy:


I’m only guessing otherwise I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t pay you out.


But that’s what the slip said and she took your bet, it’s clear you weren’t trying to deceive unless you wrote up and handed in the bet in that 30 seconds, that’s cuntacting out of them


Shop bookies are notorious for that shit.
Are they even offering to refund your stake ?


It appears the line changed between the time I put it on Slip and by the time she put it through. No more than 30 seconds