No they says it’s a loser. I asked for my stake back


Had she big tits ?


No, she was near pension age id say


NCW yeah?? The manager of while she’s sound, can be a notorious bitch at times!




Tweet them mate see can you get a few people calling them welshing cunts etc


Cunt of a place.


That’s bollox. You can be sure they are covered by T&C’s but at the very minimum you should be getting your stake back.


PP or Charleville? :grinning:




Just off the phone with PP Retail,

i placed bet @ 6:02:51. the line changed at 6:01:37.

In accordance with their rules, because the bet was placed after the line had changed to -10.5 by bet automatically gets applied to the new handicap as there are no other alternative handicaps on that market. Even though my slip says 5.5.

Not happy


That’s a very significant line move ?


Sure how the fuck were you to know that if the lady in the shop didnt. Have to get stake back on basis you wouldnt have backed it if they had warned you


You should get stake back on basis of it being a void bet at minimum. Keep pestering them and threaten to contact the Bookies Association and Joe Duffy.





There’s something very odd that a handicap in basketball would move by 5 points in basketball that quickly?


@Copper_pipe, you could do worse than contacting Oddschecker and seeing what time they saw the price change. Fairly sure they would still have that stored but just not accessible through the site.


Sounds like another one of his dodgy bent matches.

Anyway, that shit seriously irks me when a betting shop assistant blindly runs an obscure bet through the scanner without checking what it is and if the price is ok etc. It happened to me one time as well but i can’t remember the exact context. To be honest i would have stood at the counter and asked her if the bet in question was fine to take, in other words i would have pressed her to check it there and then instead of getting a nasty surprise afterwards. After all it wasn’t exactly some chap coming in backing the favorite of the 7.30 at Dundalk. I assume it would be unusual for someone to bet -5.5 on an obscure Eastern European basketball match in the shop in Charleville. Unfortunately it does happen that prices can change drastically in the blink of an eye and i suspect you landed on some very sharp information and weren’t quite quick enough to get the best line before the head office copped on to it.

She was piss poor in her job IMO but not sure there is much you can do. I would press for it to be voided since she didn’t check line was fine before taking it or you leaving the shop. You were hardly going to bet something at -10.5 at 5/6 when it was -5.5 at 5/6 2mins before after all.


It wasnt fixed I can promise you that. If it was I’d have put more on it (It was less than 100 euro id on) :sweat_smile: Bet was from a group that a friend is in and he’d have a decent following on his bets.
I missed the line on Bet365 which happened to be 5.5 and went out to 10.5 and when I saw Powers had 5.5 I went for that.