Hi CP,

My name is Ger, I work for the Retail Helpdesk in Paddy Power and I will be dealing with your query today. Having looked at your bet I can see that it was extremely unfortunate that the line changed less than one minute prior to you placing the bet. We are more than happy to honour this bet. I have spoken to the staff at Charleville and can confirm the bet is now a winner @ 5/6 and is ready to be collected.

Kind Regards,



Same thing happened to me with a horse last year, I wrote price on docket but they said the price changed before bet was placed.
In my case, the screen hadn’t changed.

They offered a refund then even though the horse won. Cunts.


Just in case anyone here has a dispute with a bookmaker in future.

File a complaint through this website.

It’s a Gambling Commission initiative and they don’t want to be seen to be treating customers unfairly.


That’s a great result.


Yeah it is. I’d have been happy with the stake back. I’ll try not to be too smug when I collect it later :grimacing:



Fair play to them. You wouldn’t have Boyles doing that.


A huge yeah PPs arereally sound lads, sure they even put up those signs that say to stop gambling if it stops being fun or something like that, and sure didn’t they pay out on a bet early one time and it didn’t even come up.
They really really care about their customers, profits are only a bye the bye


Shove it onto her


Jeez no, give her a fiver back and tell her you will see her again




Anyone with an account with StanJames, I understand that tomorrow is their last day before they are absorbed into the Unibet family. Might want to screenshot any open bets you have in case they are lost in the switch over.


Never had an issue with Stan James. Very quick to process withdrawals. Put in a withdraw to Paypal recently and had the money in my Paypal within 10 minutes.



Anyone bet with Unibet? They offer horse racing and sponsor some races now, but originate from Scandinavia I think?


Have they got a licence to operate in Oireland?


I think you’re right, don’t think you can open an account with Irish address.


Don’t event waste your fucking time. A complete farce. I’m not sure how the racing post got involved with them.


The two boys above are unsure they have license to operate in Oireland? That crowd bwin are the same.