Older article details the bets:


Blackguards. What student doesn’t like to put 25k worth of lucky 15s on a Thursdays racing ?


There was no issue when a 19 year old lodged €25k to her account though :sweat_smile: They wouldn’t refund her if she lost


Do pp pay out on teams that go out 2 nil up in the premier league?


Usually yes.


I had a good bet on man city but unusually I placed it online. I noticed the cash out offer after the second city goal was 390 Euro. I then checked after spurs scored and it was still 390. Then as I logged back in to have another look to see if it changed the winning bet in full was paid out. There was a good 15 minutes in between the second city goal and the spurs goal.


Yep, they’ve just tweeted that they paid out on Man City.


Do they think this will entice people to back the back legs of Spurs now?


I don’t know, but statistically I’d say very few teams come back from 2 down so it’s good advertising for them.


My bet is paid out but still running in the cash out offer.


I just withdrew 500 quid and cash out for 300 Euro


Yes. All the time




Champions League too


Has anyone looked at this Smarkets crowd? Anything to distinguish them from the other exchanges?


Unless an Exchange has liquidity, it’s a waste of time


BBC Sports Personality of the Year. PaddyPower.

Ronnie O Sullivan @ 12/1.

Ronnie has equalled the record for Ranking Tournament wins in a season and is 7/4 to win the World Title.

The Jolly is McIlroy @ 2/1, no chance.

Next is Joshua @ 5/2, maybe after he fights unbeaten Fury (2019)

Harry Kane @ 7/1…theyd have to at least get to WC final & he’d have to score a bagfull.

Yizzie Arnold @ 7/1…Who?

This is done by phone vote and Ronnie is a popular guy. A bit of a cunt granted but a likeable upfront kinda one.



A likeable cunt? Kinda like Gerald Keane


Paddy Powers the cunts would only pay me 5/1 on that horse Db posted up yesterday. Said the price had changed 25 seconds before the bet was placed and that if it had been 15 seconds they would have given me the 6/1 on my docket.


Get your bet on quicker then.