Ronnie O’Sullivan though I would say is would despise an accolade like that.





Read the thread. Bet paid for by card in a pp branch. Winnings have to be paid out onto card. Idiots charged him rather than refunding him.


Looks like a great bet to me considering the year he’s had.


It’s April mate


The man form Gorey post office makes tomorrows Racing Post.


Any of ye read his book? Absolutely bonkers stuff.


Did Paddy power have to pay any of the money back to an post?


Paddy’s racing post podcast had a new trader tipping on Friday and guess what he tipped up a 33/1 winner and also napped it. Amazing scenes.


I doubt it.

He must have been highly intelligent to get away with it for so long


Surely if he gambled with stolen money an post have a right to get it back off paddy power?

I’m sure I saw a case last year were this happened in the UK.


It would be his own responsibility to at least try and repay?

Maybe Paddy power did pay them back but I have seen nothing about it anywhere


If that were to happen you can be sure it will be swept as far away from the public domain as possible.

His book is bonkers. How at no point the staff in the shop were never asked to question him is a complete failure in their process.


Is the book worth reading Mac? Is it credible?


Best book I’ve read in a long time.


Yes. 100%.

It won’t do much for your faith in corporate Ireland though. Very easy read.


Worth a read alright. Its mental stuff.


I must get a hold of a copy.


Wow. 3 people agreeing on something on TFK without a gay Italian from the North or a peg legged stubborn cork cunt disagreeing. This is a bit uncomfortable.