The Darcy cunt is attempting to talk to the Baz cunt about Gambling now. Baz loves an oul cause to chase when he’s not trying to kill his mother in some far flung country she’s been flown to by a TV station. Am sure Baz will tell us now he has a relative with a severe gambling addiction in his ongoing quest to stay relevant


Baz is loaded id say after that show. He sold the concept


Baz’s ould lad liked a bet. What a fucking surprise :rollseyes:


I’m writing to you with regards to your account. Unfortunately, the Karolina Cechova vs Gozal Ainitdinova match is still ongoing investigation and it may take several months or even a year before we can provide an update.

Apologies for the inconvenience this may caused you.



How do you even have accounts with any bookie :grinning:


Ive a feeling I’ll have even less after today


Lads i backed a horse for the Grand Annual at Cheltenham two weeks before the race with Ladbrokes. It transpired he was a non runner. I went to collect my voided stake back only the other day in the shop i placed it in, and your man told me they were NRNB in only the four main championship races. Does anyone know if that is correct? I thought they were NRNB on every race, as all the other major bookies appeared to be also.


What date did you place it?


A quick search found this which was as of Feb 28th

Only includes the championship races.




Looks like he was telling the truth so. That list shows that only Bet365, William Hill and Paddy Powers were NRNB on every race. Annoyed with myself.


We’re all annoyed with you.


Looks like the US will be opening up properly soon. Bans overturned as unconstitutional.

Edit - this is bonkers


Are Powers well positioned for this? Have they a book in Vegas? There will be a preposterous amount of money gambled and lost over there


They’re already in New Jersey in some capacity I think through Betfair. Not sure of the specifics. $160bn gambled illegally in the US every year. The lads in Clonskeagh sick of Irish life are rubbing their hands together with glee today


How are they gambling illegally at the moment? Through backstreet operations, VPN etc?


Used to be a shower of cowboys on Caribbean. VPNs. Not sure how else.


Powers have a massive office in New York. I heard of a good few lads high enough up that’ll be switching.



Maximum stake for fixed-odds betting terminals cut to £2