That’s from May 2017!


The first link I tried wouldn’t paste :grin:
Prescient reporting so.


This is well worth a read. Click into the thread.

Check out @YettonExile’s Tweet:


I see on Twitter Paddy Power are advising staff on some kind of handwriting recognition model, presumably to stop fellas running between shops placing the same bet. Not sure where this picture was sourced from but looks legit. Know anything about this @Watchyourtoes?


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@Smark was that up for all the public to see??? That’s a genuine customer FFS a well known business man in the city.


Id say if you search the old racing threads I discussed this a while back. Stan james had this on the go 2 +years ago in uk. Id have assumed they all had some variant of it



They (Paddy powers)are going to get sued to fuck with that!!!


Will he be alarmed to see it?


Johnny Ward was on about this last year, he made out they were flagging betting slips that had telltale pen-strokes from successful punters


Start writing slips with your other hand so


With that new data protection act Powers are fucked for that going public!


Ask the staff to write it for you




Good enough for them. As Blarney Curley on Twitter says be more on their line stop taking bets from the postman that time and flying him to champions league finals.

Is this a method all staff in shops are trained to utilise/recognise?


Must be a new idea still in development we never heard anything about it yet!


It doesn’t kick in until the 25th of May


Still and all that will fuck them regardless!


I think you can ask any company to delete all records they have on you. How is this going to work for bookmakers who have restricted accounts?


What sort of bet would It take for a member of staff to call head office to approve? Say I wanted 200 on a Tennis Match or some soccer match in Eastern Europe. Would it be accepted no bother or would the staff member get suspicious of a young lad putting decent money on a fairly specialist market?