Write to PP with a cheque for a fiver they are obliged to send you all the personal info they hold on you


You can only make a right to be forgotten request in very limited circumstances. For example you couldn’t just phone up the bank and ask them to delete all the information they have on you.


Yeah saw mention that companies were required to do that when requested. Am I right in saying that you can request them to delete all your records too? Would probably involve closing your account I guess. But is there anything preventing you from opening a new one few months down the line? In theory if they’ve deleted your records they wouldn’t be able to tell


Its €6.35 , converted from the old £5


Wasn’t sure of the ins and outs of it. Did an online course and was only half paying attention to it.


Wouldn’t have thought so. They are entitled, if not even obliged to keep it


Yeah, you’re right. Had a look at it again. There’s a right to erasure but it’s only in special circumstances.


Id say if you have an account with them they have your passport number or driving licence number, they probably have your Fb profile all linked to the account.


@Copper_pipe Should be working with the CIA


Give a little respect in your erasure request email or letter and they’ll act on it.


ESSA more like :slight_smile:


Did they delete the page?


Delete what? The Tweet is still there


Tried to click on it and wouldn’t open


GDPR is a licence for lawyers to print money. Any issue anybody has now with a business - data requests will be an easy first salvo.


Not good under the current events


Got this on WhatsApp there :eyes:


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