Father Russell road or the one by bank of Ireland?


Bank of Oireland


the one that used to be Bambury’s?




Ya I think so. A Fucking animal definitely belongs in a cell


A Galway tinker now not one of our own!


Did the guards arrest the cunt? Think they are above rules and common decency.


Nope arrived 4 hours later of course and had no interest.


Surely there is CCTV footage?


The same fella is doing this all around the country seven days a week,a proper scumbag.


It’s discrimation if they put a pair of handcuffs on him.


He has done it a few times. And he’s a big cunt too intimidating people. Surely he could be served a barring order and then arrested if he is trespassing. Touch wood I haven’t encountered him.


I’ll post this on the off chance that any of you degenerates have a Sun bet account, if you have a balance, withdraw it now.


Any reason why paddy power Won’t allow golf/horse racing accumms?


You’d surely get it on in a shop?


I prefer doing accums on line.


Not if I’m working he won’t. Il make life tough for him.


You didn’t make life tough for me last Friday.


Wasn’t working kid. Or are you referring to a bet you got up?


Why would you make life tough for me?