Because you called me scum and anyone who works in a bookies. I haven’t forgotten.


Fair enough. I’ll actually be placing the bet in William street I’ve a very good friend behind the counter there.


Anyone any idea why Ladbroke website doesn’t work on my phone only on my laptop ?


Have you tried shoving your phone up your arse?


Are you still abroad?


Try on mobile data. I.e. turn off wifi


Tried it no joy


Uninstall,and reinstall from playstore…


Clear cookies on your phones browser. Or try incognito browser


Has Geoff banks lost the plot?


I’m not sure if I was dealing with or something but is it usual for the lad behind the till to ask where did you get the tip from? I do not believe I’d ever seen this person before. The bet was rang in and then they asked did you get a big tip or something? There wasn’t any fuss about the bet once it was rang in.


Let me get this straight. You went to place a bet in a bookies, they asked “where did you get the tip?”, then proceeded to ring the bet through to head office before again asking “did you get a big tip or something?”.




No I handed in the slip and they said they’d have to ring it in. As they were handing me the docket the lad said “did you get a big tip or something?” And I replied no just my own fancy.


Are you socially awkward or something?


I’m extremely shy and never noticed a lad behind the counter asking about why I was backing a horse. I didn’t think I’d seen the lad before so it wasn’t like he was noticing a pattern or something.


He was making idle chat mate. Maybe to have a punt himself I’d say. The world isn’t always against you.


I wouldn’t like it myself I find the question unprofessional and inappropriate.


Judging by the lad I thought it possible he had been directed to do so when he called the bet in.


Most lads working behind counters are just bored off their face and either looking to make a few extra quid as they’re so underpaid or to post it to an online forum full of weirdos.