It’s possible somebody else backed the horse earlier and he saw me coming with my money and figured it was info I guess.


Are you monitored? Ask them to release the info they have on you . They will in 30 days. They probably rang the staff and asked them to ring up your bets. Its normal enough for lads on a run. The lad behind the counter probably just satisfying his curiosity.


Good to see Paddy sticking his neck out



Tabcorp said they will record a loss of Aus$91m (approx £51.5m) against Sun Bets in their full-year accounts, up from Aus$52m in the first six months of their financial year.

That’s some wedge to be losing in an online only business.


ah now



Anybody tell me how places Pp paid out on in the 19:45 in Chelmsford?


4, I had bet in the race that came 6th or 7th.


Are you sure? I backed vale of Kent each way but binned the slip. I’m not sure what I do now.


Yep, online anyway. I fancied Dean Ivory’s horse to get in the frame and PP were going 4 places so I bet with them.


Miserable cunts.


Apparently the local bookie in Drom told a lad not to come back after he had a 20 euro note on a 8/1 winner. He paid him out first then said “and dont come back” :rofl:

The same bookies is also not open on Tuesdays :grinning:


Would he be a fella not known to the bookie or what?


The fella in askeaton is very good to lay a bet.


No he was a local lad.


Ya he’ll have a cut off anything normal really. You can setup a phone in account with him as well and he’ll deal on tick if he knows you




Question - That i probably already know the answer to!

Can you use something like a Revolut card to lodge money to an account?


Yes you can. I have the physical visa card and its very handy.

Only concern is that if you top up the Revolut card using your normal card the bank may query how the Revolut funds are being used. You could say you were going on Holidays etc…

Trying the keep the gambling off the bank account is a full time job