Paypal not do the job?




If you really want to go off grid then buy a Paysafe voucher in Centra or Spar and use that to deposit.


Because you won’t get a bank loan.


Seems strange to be targeting retail when everyone else is pulling out of it


Boyles only want the average punter off the street. If you have any bit of an edge they’ll shut you down fairly sharpish. Online Boyles account don’t last too long.


But the other bookies are closing retail outlets as they are loss making or keeping them open as almost loss leaders for branding etc. I’d understand it in the UK where those FOTBs generate income but it makes less sense here. Obviously they are doing the numbers in the shops to justify adding more, just strange that they think they pay and others don’t.


Great way of laundering IRA money.


Do they take Northern bank notes?


I’d say they took their fair share.


Last week I placed 200 quid on a horse at 2/1 in Boyle’s. There was a big wait and about two phone calls made before the bet was placed. The horse drifted out to 6/1 and bolted up. Due to terms and conditions Boyle’s paid me out @ 6s. The guy behind the counter was so sick.


Have a read of this and it’ll tell you all you need to know about Boyles and John Boyle


His daughter is supposed to be hot enough, I haven’t seen her now, but I heard.


That’s a myth, mate. I know two lads who were accepted for mortgages who had bookies transactions on their statements, it was queried and noted after a satisfactory explanation was proffered. They just want you to have proven over a length of time that you have the capability of repaying x repayments per month. All that aside if you can keep those things off your bank account then all the better. I only use PayPal on my Irish bank account as the intermediary between my betting accounts.


They only look for 6 months bank statements when you apply for a mortgage. Some only look for 3. Regular savings is high up list of their criteria.


I bought in the boom. I’d say they didn’t even look at my bank statements.


12 months savings account I was asked for but yes six months would be norm for current account.


They still don’t have prices up for a few of the races in Listowel tomorrow. Useless cunts.
Got a large sum down on Flag of honour at 10-1 to win the Leger. They were last firm to adjust their price after AOB stable tour. Will be all the sweeter if it comes in.


Heard of a guy who has a very well paying job being shot down for a mortgage there recently, he met with the mortgage advisor from a certain bank, ticked all the boxes for the mortgage, she sent off his application to Dublin for approval, apparently she was stunned when the application was refused, rang up hq and was told the guy had a huge issue with online gambling going back along.


How did they figure that? Only thing i can think of is he must of had all money going out on gambling, and nothing come in. Had to be lopsided.

I’ve a mate in England and he has no wife or girlfriend he is sole person on the mortgage application and he had a bad credit history whereby he left a trail of debt in his early twenties and just went abroad instead of paying it, same guy then has a bit of a gambling issue in my opinion, transactions are all over his bank account for gambling, yet he was given a loan for a four bed house on his own in England. I couldn’t believe he got approved, I have been in this house. I would consider him high risk that something happens whereby he doesn’t fullfill the mortgage but hey ho he got approved. Gives anyone a chance. But then we are talking England here not Oireland.