A well paid job is grand as long as you’re not spending it all every month


id imagine the banks here are actually doing some serious scrutinising after the last property bubble burst,
I don’t know anything about the guy, maybe the bank he used for his online betting was where he applied for the mortgage


oh I’d say he was frittering it away by the sounds of it!


@Tassotti will be fuming with you after this admission.


Few bets on the statement are grand. Can’t be mental though and if you were a regular punter I’d do as much as possible in cash for the few months or lodge a wedge into your account to keep you going


If you bet with Paddy Power you’d want your head examined if you’re not depositing through the shops in cash


Why’s that @Mac?


A friend that works in a bookies was tell we that the knackers use this for storing their cash. Basically, they open an account as normal and get it verified etc. Deposit money then in the PP shops. Place a few small bets to keep it active. The bookies have longer opening hours than the books so it suits them a lot better too. Makes sense to be fair. Money wouldn’t be traced either…


It’s also a well used practice for people in prison to pay protection money. People on the outside lodge money into an account in some random shop. They may rinse some of it through a few small bets and either let it build up or withdraw a large amount. PP have tried to shut a lot of this down but it’s impossible to stay abreast of apparently.


Casino chips were an issue as well apparently. Lads would go into the sporting emporium, turn the cash into high value chips, place a few small bets and then leave with the rest of the chips.




Does it still not show up with some reference to the bookies on your statements?


Not if you lodge the money into PayPal first. If you access PayPal via the bookmakers site it will.


Nope it just says to or from PayPal in bank statements. Now they could ask after that what are the PayPal payments for so you’ll have to make something up again along the lines of it’s for buying stuff online like on Amazon or for online subscriptions but they probably won’t go any further and request your PayPal account history.


Tell them it’s for buying Bitcoin so you can import cocaine via the darkweb


direct from Colombia.


Are ye sure about this. I was going to close my on line as it was showing up,


If transferring money from bank to paypal. Dont transfer a round number like 20 or 50 euro. Make it something random like 53.99. Give the impression you’re buying something online.


How do you explain the 200/300 winnings coming back into your account?


Money goes back to PayPal. Buy yourself something nice.

I actually have my Revolut account linked to Paypal so it withdraws to that. Usually takes 2 days