Boyzone in drunken scrap

Boyzone in drunken scrap with Rihanna.

Recently reformed Irish pop band Boyzone have reportedly been involved in a fight with members from Rihanna’s entourage after a boozy evening in an Australian nightclub.

The fight allegedly took place after one of lads chatted up a girlfriend of one of the members of Rihanna’s band. A witness told the Daily Mirror:
"Her boyfriend took offence and all hell broke loose with fists flying everywhere

“The boys held their own despite being unsteady on their feet. Security came to break it all up. They got a stern talking to.”

Later in the evening Boyzone’s Stephen Gately admitted: "Well, we did get into a fight - certainly more than a difference of opinion. We are keeping up that fine image of the Irish and too much booze.

"It was over a girlfriend of one of Rihanna’s band members. We just wanted to chat and be friendly and this guy tries to rough us up.

“It was his girl and then all the other guys from the band start getting fresh with us - so it was on there and then.”

Shane Lynch also admitted he “hadn’t slept for two weeks”.

We can rule out Stephen Gateley here. Christ, the amount of these made up stories that get planted in the tabloids to provide free publicity is mad. Remember when Stephen was going out with Baby Spice for example?