Breaking news: Hodgson sacked

Looks like Hodgson has been given the bullet. Press conference tomorrow.

There was serious talk by those in the know about this yesterday, only right, hes incapable of turning it around, was a mad appt in first place. Liverpool are crying out for a young manager who knows the British game, its time to tear it down and rebuild. Step up Owen Coyle.

King Kenny will want to give it a lash now. Sure things can only get better.

Moyes would be ideal given the circumstances any new manager would be working in. Chances of getting him hough would be less than zero i’d say.

Are you suggesting Tazdub isn’t in the know?

Are you suggesting you know the people in the know?

You are some tosspot when it comes down to it, really.

Very misleading thread title and subsequent post.

Is he sacked taz, or are they are they holding a press conference tomorrow?

Got a mail from a friend about this at 17:09 and he’s in the know. Came on here to see if you boys had it. Would have posted sooner but needed to take a dump :wink:

It could be to announce how supporters can earn double club card points :smiley:

Would that friend be from Cork and work for the Pool by any chance Locke?

:lol: :lol:

No, he’s from Co. Fingal

Chances of him being offered it are huge, chances of him having the balls to cross the divide is what it will come down to.

Where was this talk taking place?? Who are these people in the know? Are these same people in the know about Owen Coyle being installed as a replacemant?? on a scale of 1-10 how serious was this talk?


Why the animosity mate? Can understand it from the other odd lil fella, but you strike me as the kind of fella who follows Liverpool media outlets. I alluded to it last night that factions in the Mersey media were saying rumours were rife yesterday that this was on the cards, last nights result was only ever going to speed this machinations. Darren Fletcher of 5Live is just one who made mention of it, there was another also, may have been Ollie Kay, cant recall exactly now.

The Owen Coyle link was just my own and nothing more.

I’m sorry, mate. I’m sure you can understand this is a vexing time for supporters of Liverpool football club and I lashed out needlessly and treated you like a punch bag. I hope you can forgive and understand the hardship I am currently going through.

Having had a fondness for Man City throughout my life I know all about enduring hardships No hard feelings.

Hang on…

What’s going on with this thread title?

Nice to see the correct spelling of his surname after the debacle on the Liverpool thread.

Liverpool say Hodgson will take his press conference tomorrow morning. Hard to see him there by next Monday, Liverpool rumoured to be actively courting replacements for a while now.