BREXIT thread


There was an amendment to the no deal vote which the government proposed to change it to no deal forever so the government whipped the party to vote against it’s own proposal and then lost. :grin:


And of course they can’t vote for no deal forever because if they can’t agree an extension with the EU then they will be crashing out on the 29th with no deal.


Nolan live should be fun tonight


I hope Seamie Allister is on? You can bet Claire Hannah will be on moaning anyway. Jim Wells will be Brexit voice and he’s very weak


I heard poor auld Seamus isn’t taking it too well


I can imagine :grinning:. When he mispronounces Varadkar you can see his face dip slightly in disgust


Whats this?


Poor panel. That Naomi wan is there and the EU former employee lady who is a fruitcake. No Jim no party


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As I understand it, may ordered her mp to withdraw the amendment, her mp obliged, but then wasn’t allowed to, may then switched from a free vote on her own proposal to a three line whip against her own proposal. One of the whips, whipping the way may told him to, whipped everyone as hard as he could, and then abstained himself.
May is now putting a gun to the head of the dup and ERG, telling them it’s her deal, or no brexit, completely refusing to contemplate any kind of cross party consensus, and, despite screaming that any second public vote is anti democratic, is now attempting a third vote on her deal.


Correct. A number of MPs signed the amendment so they all had to agree to withdraw it. Which they didn’t. So May’s proposed vote was for not leaving without a deal but leaving without a deal was still the default but the amendment changed it to no leaving without a deal under any circumstances. So May instructed a whip to vote against her now amended proposal but a number of her MPs abstained and the amended proposal passed. I’d be fairly certain a good portion of their parliament had no idea what the vote was about.


The speaker can theoretically prevent another vote on her deal.


It’s a hard watch. Nordie weirdos


Great entertainment though


She May(pun intended) look a joke at this point but she’ll be there for a while yet out of her own stubborness and the fact that no one else wants the job. Her strategy now is to freak her own hardline brexiteers out of it by threatening Brexit might never happen if they don’t get on board.

In that sense tonight’s votes only work in her favor, as the tories (even for them) are more divided than ever, Mogg and co have lost the power to dictate the terms of debate anymore and the likes of Boris can’t unmask their own quest for power as to render them utterly untrustworthy.

As for the opposition they are being deliberately less aggressive than they could be as they have their own brexit issues and more than that are just as bamboozled as the rest of us with this entire situation.

May will have another crack at it and may (pun not intended) well deliver yet, quite simply as shes the only one, flawed as it is, with a consistent and concrete plan


All she needs to do is go back to the EU and secure a deal that will simultaneously meet all of Labour’s requirements, all of the DUP’s requirements, all off the ERG’s requirements and all of the Remainers in her own party requirements and then they can all vote for that deal next week. It’s quite straightforward really. Brexit means Brexit. Now let’s just get on with it.


I tried to edit this to say that the original wording to May’s proposed vote was that the default was leaving without a deal if they can’t agree a deal but I got an error message saying my edit was too similar to my original post. Is this a new feature @Rocko? It’s not a very good one if it is.


No. That shouldn’t happen.


But it’s the will of 17.4 million people


He’s one hell of a rabble rouser - more of a referee tonight though