BREXIT thread


Hmmm. I’ll screenshot it if it happens again but my posts are usually no more than 5 to 10 words or just smilies so I rarely have to edit.


Of which half of them thought they were voting
to leave NATO.


Similar thing happened to me as I tried to add that there is no way to remove may short of a vote of no confidence in the govt and a GE, which everyone is terrified of.
People need to remind themselves, particularly the tory moderates, that it is Teresa’s red lines and personal bigotry that has got them into this corner, and should refuse on principle to be blackmailed into this. That she resorts to political extortion before any kind of reaching out for cross party consensus says everything about her.


@Rocko is up to something so, the sneaky fucker.


Read a stat last week - since 1999 brits have voted in favour of 95% of Eu legislation, against 2% and abstained on 3%
No mention of straight bananas or square tomatoes


I had, with a common or garden edit, the exact same problem…


So after 2 years, all the tans have come up with is an extension?



The history written about all of this in 40 or 50 years time will be fascinating. Sadly I won’t live to read it myself.


The way Susanna Reid cannot hide her utter loathing of Penfold here is glorious.


Console yourself that you are writing it . This thread will be a vital research tool in 30 years time .


No one will be reading anymore in 40-50 years.


Happening here @rocko


Trying and failing to defeat their own bill :joy:

I was reminded of this last night

If it wasn’t so serious it’d actually be hilarious watching them meltdown. It’s still pretty funny to be fair


Do you have the exact error message?




Thanks. It’s a bug alright but can fix it later.


There is also a balls of a thing that you can’t post more than 3 times in a row on the same thread @Rocko. Pain in the bollix if you are up dating the forum on things like Brexit, a match or the Late Late.



Should keep that for the Labane/ Sid discussions.