BREXIT thread


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John Bercow won’t allow an amendment ruling out a second referendum but is allowing one on a proposed one (Labour to vote against).

Bercow is the Nigel Owens is international Parliamentary speakers.


Paisley junior seething on sky news


He needs to prevent treasa having yet another vote on her deal.


No chance of that happening.

I suspect she’ll may win it too, by hook or by crook.


The plan is to push for that but it also looks like she has pissed off a lot of the ERG who think she might have been gaming.

Talk of the Vienna Convention and other nonsense already ruled out this morning to try and swing some Tories.

It looks difficult for her unless she can flip the whole lot including a definitive statement from the DUP. Would be easier to get absentions but that doesn’t hold as much weight.


She could get something reasonable passed if she reached out to Labour but that seems to be her absolute last resort for some reason, even though her own party is fucking her over at every opportunity


I think from her perspective;

  1. getting her deal through is No 1 obviously. Gives her a legacy and reduces a split in the Party as she can blame the No Deal vote and appealing to Remainers/soft Brexiteers.

Really it leaves everyone happy and she will still go in the short term but longer term she probably thinks she won’t be looked on as badly. I think she is a bit mistaken in historians will look at the behaviour and Parliamentary votes as hugely undermining of UK democracy.

It’s still her clear number one though.

  1. I think her vote passing and another referendum on that vs Remain. It will split the party but will allow her to argue in the fullness of time that she delivered Brexit and it isn’t her fault that it didn’t get voted through.

(Farage is threatening to boycott another vote so I think her deal would be cooked)

  1. Going across the aisle for a Customs Union and a Common Market in sheep’s clothes.

That would mean;

A) her Brexit and any legacy is buried
B) Splits her party
C) Gives Corbyn a leg up

  1. Revoking A50 and asking for an extension

That means;

A) Legacy gone
B) Will split the Party

From her POV 3 is the worst.



We should give the fuckers a 2 year extension … let them rip each other apart for another few years while normal trade carries on.


She is fucking parliament at every opportunity. This is foursquare her fault. She’s a female bastard lovechild of sid and cicero in her flexibility and ability to reach out and see both sides.


If she revokes a50, she doesn’t need to ask for an extension does she??


There would be civil war if she revoked it.


She’s the queen of gammon.


She just going to revoke it and invoke it again and again, in out in out, do the hokey pokey…



The British don’t do civil war. There would be a vague unpleasantness for a long weekend.