You are vastly overstating May’s political nous there mate.


Of course there is always the possibility she, and everybody else on the UK negotiating side, merely innocently forgot the DUP existed and it just never crossed their mind to tell them about any of this.



Leo and Simon will make a statement at 5.15


That never happened, nobody understands Northern Ireland.


It’ll be class in a few years when it’s Simon and Simon making these statements.


And founding presence of a few dozen GAA clubs


They’d cut their nose off to spite their face that mob. NI could have benefited enormously from having a foot in both camps, but the DUP are too bigoted to see the merits of this.


Exactly. In the UK and in the EU would mean a huge boost for their economy. Unheralded advantage. They really are fucktards to claw defeat from jaws of victory over some principle. Sure NI money is not even legal tender in GB. They are already treated differently.

DUP and their supporters are really thick as pig shit.


The DUP are utter parasites .


In one part of the UK, the largest party is desperate for an advantageous special deal and is being refused it, another part of the UK has been offered an advantageous special deal and the largest party is refusing it.


Stephen Donnelly on Ivan Yates now.

They were briefed that there would be no border under any arrangements. The status quo would remain. EU rules would apply.

Northern Ireland would essentially become a special economic zone.

The previous guest said that the DUP had been briefed on the wording. And they only kicked off when the story was being spun that it was a good deal for Ireland.




NI could have been the central trading hub for U.K.-Europe trade. It was an unraleable deal for them


Leo is in the mood now :facepunch:


It could have been the greatest deal in the 4000 years since the earth was created.


that poof varadkar trying to act the hardman is hilarious :rofl:


He’s clearly inVESTed a lot of effort today.


Coveney has slipped in and thrown a few digs now. They’re passing this one around like the Kerry Golden Years side, its beautiful to watch.