I think the solution here is for England to secede from the UK.

And then for London, Liverpool and Manchester to secede from England.


Now there’s a vote I’d love to see.


The Ussher Free Zone has a lovely ring to it.



This is one almighty balls up by the Brits. Hopefully Leo gets to say"Out, out, out" this week.


Anyoke care to give me the gist of what happened
Haven’t heard a news bulletin all day


Leo came to work dressed like a male Brazilian prostitute and it all kicked off from there basically


I was just thinking about that speech earlier today. It would be a wonderful moment if he could channel it in some form.



The difference in in tone between the Irish and the Brits over what happened today is very, very noticeable.

Tommie Gorman made the point on the 9:00 news there that the DUP are a party who have dragged their heels for almost a year over an Irish Language Act and Tony Connelly similarly thought that it was hard to see how a deal would be done.

Leo Varadkar was very stern and downbeat in his press conference.

On Channel 4, FG’s Brexit spokesman Neale Richmond (who will be a TD for them in the near future, one imagines) was similarly downbeat.

On the same programme there was a tone of almost delusional optimism from C4 News correspondent Gary Gibbon and Tory Nadhim Zahawi and there was a lot of references to trade talks as if it was already a fait accompli that they would happen.

I think a lot of Brits still don’t at all realise what they’re dealing with as regards the DUP.


They should do. Any hint of Irish independence and these guys will dig their heels in come what May (!)



Bernard Jenkin, Tory MP, on Sky News at the moment.

A right proper cunt.




Andrew on LBC says “Leo Varadkar is Gerry Adams with a softer tone”.

“He’s looking to become the Gavrilo Princip of 21st century Ireland and I think it’s going to blow up in his face.”


Norn Ireland needs a strong Taoiseach


Bernard of course was fiddling the expenses system. He was paying rent of 60k to a relative.

Nice bloke.


The start of newsnight :grinning:


What did it say mate?