Had a clip of Tom and Jerry with Jerry pushing Tom around

Newsnight said ever get the feeling you are being pushed around by someone who shouldn’t push you around




I thought Davin-Power had retired? Why is he being wheeled out on the Claire Byrne show now?


Meanwhile at the Daily Mail, oh no it’s paedos!


Because RTE cunts think the world resolves around ex RTE cunts .


There was absolutely no mention of tory backbenchers on the BBC news. The blame is being laid entirely at the feet of the dup, who, if they bring down the govt, may be doing everyone a favour in truth.
I wonder what is going on here.


The DUP won’t like being referred to as Jerry.


This whole thing reminds me of the fiasco the unionists created before John Paul the second visited Ireland in 1979.


Don’t worry - the paedos are probably labelled as immigrants so it is kind of relevant.


Is Charlie Bird a simpleton?


Welcome to 2008


Charlie is going to reference the glory days of RTE correspondents at every turn here


Think that was established years ago.


Who the fuck is this toerag on Claire Byrne? Can almost get the smell of Carling and bonfire smoke off him.




Andrew Pierce on Sky reckons a deal was in place and the DUP chickened out at the last minute.

Inconceivable that May hadn’t consulted them. But then again she didn’t acknowledge losing the election in June and in September she was talking about leading the Tories in the next election so who knows?


My mrs who knows nothing and has no interest commented before he even spoke that he looked like one of them loyalist paramilitary types


He’s a massive Tory shill but is gay and doesn’t like the DUP so it’s in his interest to blame the DUP and absolve May over this.

He was born Patrick Connolly to an Irish Catholic family and later adopted by an English family.


Arlene was fair shook looking giving her announcement earlier, rattled big time.


Himself and Kevin from the Mirror are usually entertaining reviewing the papers on a Monday night.