The big question here really, is whether @Tassotti would give big Arlene the benefit of his manhood.


Probably the other way around.


The loyalist paramilitaries will never have this, its time to bring the war to Dublin


I thought you loyalists said the war was over and you had won?


the ira were defeated and took their place administering British law in Northern Ireland, if there is any any change in this situation you micks will have a war on your hands, we’ll see how tough Varadkar is then


@fitzy isnt a mick, hes a loyal servant of the crown in her down under backwater.


Let me see if I have this right.
The people of Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU, because they’re not entirely stupid despite a large body of evidence suggesting otherwise. No one apparently had considered that the only physical border Britain has with the EU may become a bit of an issue if Brexit were to happen. But it became an opportunity for the Nordie people to absolutely have their (in a traditional marriage way of course) cake and eat it. Everything would have been sweet and everyone would have been happy and possibly quite well off.
But then their elected representatives decided that despite having numerous disparities between laws in Nordie and those of the rest of the UK, they woild feel left out if they didn’t suffer in the same way Britain will under Brexit. So they have completely fucked themselves over, just for the hell of it.
A huge open goal turns into a huge own goal, another day closer to a united Ireland.
This is gas. Thanks Arlene, you dumb, ugly bitch.


Aren’t there loads of differences between british and nordie laws?


an orange cunt also


Imagine getting offered a deal so good that Scotland, Wales and London immediately wanted a piece. But instead of revelling in your unbelievable good fortune you turn it down out of hand without even considering it. You get what you vote for I suppose


I wonder what the general consensus on the streets of Norn Iron since Ourleen intervened yesterday, surely any sane minded person (Nationalist or Unionist) is up in arms, a route back into the EU which they had voted for and then some fat ugly unionist slag scuppers the whole deal


There are very few sane minded DUP voters you’d imagine.


Go sell your reunification propaganda somewhere else Paddy


What Britain has done since 2015 is what Europe did from 1912 to 1914.

But whereas the different opposing factions that caused World War I were on actual opposite sides, the different factions that have caused this mess are all within one country, almost within one party, well they’re certainly within the spectrum of the type of conservatism that harks back to the Empire.

Two different groups of establishment Tories, both drunk on their own arrogance and complacency, who both made historic, fatal decisions.
A group of insane Brexiteer Tories, drunk on their own arrogance, disruptive power, and complacency.
A group of rebel Brexiteers led by UKIP, drunk on their own power of irresponsibility.
The DUP, drunk on their new found power of disruption and irresponsibility on the “mainland” that they have always held in the six counties.
The Tory press, just drunk.

The whole lot of them, constantly at each others throats, completely unprepared, deluded, complacent, arrogant, stumbling head first into the disaster.

The World War stumbling to disaster comparisons don’t end there. Theresa May is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain - dithering, weak, afraid.

If she had any pride whatsoever, May would go into her cabinet meeting this morning, and gather in a corner Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Liam Fox, David Davis and all the other pathetic, arrogant, deluded, infantile Brexiteer morons, and summarily sack the lot of them. She’d then replace them with Ken Clarke and other pro-EU MPs, and tell the DUP to get fucking stuffed and approach Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP and whoever else will talk to her, in order to do a deal which would have cross party support and would cut out the dinosaurs.

The she’d call an election and fall on her sword.

The possibility of this happening is 0.


She should put Cameron up against the wall as well. He is the architect of this mess. He should have told the right wing to fuck off, back him or sack him.


i thought you were anti EU sid?
bailouts, troikas, FG, michael noonan, the whole lot of it… i though the EU was the destroyer of nations sovereignty, capitalism, taxes, rich getting richer and all the other infantile stuff, … surprised you wouldn’t be supporting the DUP and the Tories in their quest to leave?


That’s a rather infantile post, mate.


She should build a wall to crush the saboteurs?


it may appear to be but the hypocrisy remains, maybe that’s what makes the hysterical reaction in ireland to this whole thing infantile
turn back to 2010 2011 and the so called “left” in this country were championing an anti EU tirade, the bottom line was the same ,;leave the EU, for the same reasons that boris and co.have been outlining
Sinn Fein have turned from an anti EU party in 2010 to a very much pro EU party in 2016/7… id presume that yer man boyd barret would harbour the same views…hypocrisy sid


Why didn’t Corbyn campaign actively against Brexit?