That’d be a bit like BoJo discovering he was a Brexiteer when it was politically expedient.


It’s always about the frame of debate. Once the EU debate was taken over by the likes of Farage talking about immigration the snowflakes got together to support their beloved EU. Well the ones who voted at least, not all the idiotic youngsters who stayed at home and cried about it after the fact.


In a press conference at Westminster, Nigel Dodds of @Tim_Riggins’ beloved DUP has just accused Tim’s beloved Leo Varadkar/IRA of being to blame for all this trouble.

They’ve been doing it all morning, actually.


David Davis, Tory Brexit minister, responding to a question in the House of Commons.

Antoinette Sandbach, a Conservative, says thousands of jobs in her constituency depend on regulatory alignment. **Can we have that for the whole of the UK?**

_Davis says that was the intention. He says alignment is not the same as harmonisation._




Sure is, Dimmy, if like you, you’re a fool.

Once you saw that anybody with a semblance of a functioning brain objected to Trumpy boy’s racism, you were all over him like a hot snot.

You’ve been like Theresa May for the last year in your paralysis - you feel you can’t support him, but you feel you can’t be seen to desert him either.

Don’t worry, mate, it’s only the INTERNET.




He’d be an improvement


All this tagging of me, what has set you off on another mental breakdown?


They’ve been having a right cut off the Irish government this morning - repeatedly accusing it of being “aggressive” which is a bit rich considering the DUP language in recent days. Is this just playing to the base and the Tory hardliners?


You’re coming across as very needy and delusional, here, Dimmy.


Well obviously - that’s their stock in trade.

Both the DUP and the Brexiteer crackpots are very like Trump. Put forward policies that work squarely against the interests of the working and middle classes, but con them into voting against their own interests based on “culture” - in both cases, “culture” means nothing except hatred of others.

None of the people pushing Brexit in politics or the media stand to suffer from the consequences of it. None of them.

Just like in the US, none of the people pushing for the destruction of healthcare, social services or any sort of regulation, or those pushing for war, stand to suffer in any way from any of that. They never do.


Even in his current state.


I’ve had multiple tags from you this morning on a wide variety of subjects. You’re flailing wildly around here and I don’t know why. I’m not engaging in your scutter designed to ruin this thread. Usually you only have these kinds of meltdowns when you’ve been humiliated on here. Everything okay at home?


Come back when you have something of substance to say, Dimmy.


This is a Tory election poster from 2015.

Oh, the irony of it all.


100% an appeal to their own base. The filthy, irrational taigs are at it again.


its fascinating to watch


Hindus, mate, Hindus.


Speaking for the second time since talks collapsed Leo Varadkar revealed that the controversial wording for the proposal to have “regulatory alignment” between Northern Ireland and the EU post Brexit was British negotiator’s preferred option, not Ireland’s. Said the Irish PM.