And that is the problem with the Brits in a nutshell. Few of them know where the border is and less of them give a fuck.

But it is costing them untold billions because the DUP are able to prey on a pathetically weak PM who needs them to prop her up.


For something to blow over, a deal has to be reached. Often in these sorts of “deadline” decisions, a fudge or, as with the Stormont assembly, nothing happens and things just trundle on. That can’t happen this time. Something has to be agreed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this week or even by the end of the month, but it has to happen soon. One of the main stakeholders, the Irish government, cannot and will not move. Another, the DUP, have painted themselves into a very tight corner with very little room to move unless there’s a change in the deal. The Brexiteers will not move. There is a way to get the DUP on board by extending the status which was proposed for the six counties in the abandoned deal to the rest of the UK, but the Brexiteers will have to be faced down, and they might be even more intransigent than the DUP at their worst.


Id say the Tories hate the fucking DUP. Im sure if the brits could they would get rid of northern irleand in a heart beat.

Teresa May doesn’t even talk to the DUP, the chief whip does. Funny shit.


Anyone watching TV3s The Tonight Show? That McGuirk lad… there’s two cunts living in his parish and he’s the both of them.


Gift Grub explained Brexit for the DUP and the average Brit quite neatly this morning.


Not entirely true. A large Tory element regards the Good Friday Agreement as a surrender and a mistake. Gove described it as “a humiliation of our army, police and parliament”. If the Brexit campaign showed anything it’s that the British Imperialist is alive if not that well. They may not think about Northern Ireland very often, but when they do they brings up all the old feelings of power and empire.


The Tories only care about England. They don’t give a shit about the rest.


its fascinating how out of touch you are with reality


That they don’t care doesn’t mean they don’t want to control it. Have you forgotten the Scottish Independence referendum already?


a lifetime spent in libraries would do that to a man’s mind


A lot has happened since then. It would probably pass if re-run tomorrow.


From what I remember the jocks had a chance of independence without firing a bullet and shit their pants .


Leo is going to cave in.


Leo the Lion ? or pussycat ?


If Leo agrees to anything less than what was being proposed a few days ago he’ll get slaughtered


ah look as stated above the inevitable will happen
the EU want to pretend they at least give a shit about ireland as a way ofplacating the paddies, (13bn from apple anyone, ireland has its uses)… Leo will get a few days of feeling important, it works well for Leo, as he can also get one over on the shinners by talking about a united ireland whilst sniggering and the great unwashed will buy it, FG get more voters next election , win, win
arlene gets a chance as well to prove she gives a fk, so she’ll bleat on…

lads like @sidney and @Watch_The_Break will post like there is some great change happening, in a weeks time, an agreement will be reached that the talks will move on to the business end and the border will be referred to some sub comittee as the bottom line is neither the UK or the EU give a fuck about the lads selling cattle accross the border and its not going to impact apple handing over the 13bn (wasnt the account only set up this week??).
NI will continue as is, there wont be any hard border bluster, by 2042 they still wont know if NI is in the EU or not and no one will give a fuk as the place rots…


very astute analysis there mate


Fucking hell

A year ago Mr Davis said his department was “in the midst of carrying out about 57 sets of analyses” on different parts of the economy.

On 1 November MPs passed a motion to release “Brexit impact assessments” to the Brexit Committee of MPs. In response, the government said this motion “misunderstood” what the documents actually were, but has since provided an edited set of reports to the committee.

Mr Davis told the MPs this represented “getting as close as we can to meeting what we took to be the intent of Parliament”.

A “quantitative economic forecast of outcome” does not exist, he said.

"That is not there. We have not done that.