Basil Farage will lift the lid on what he thinks is a perfectly cooked, sumptuous feast of Brexit and find a pile of excrement in its place. Brexit? Brexit’s off.


Class. The dog didn’t even get a chance to eat their homework.
If there was any semblence of normality in the World that should topple the Government.
Eh planning was hard so we ended up not bothering.


An alternative line of thinking on this is that the economic analyses have been conducted and paint such a disastrous picture for Britain that they have been suppressed and shredded.

The following exchange from within the last hour at the Treasury Committee is almost beyond belief. Philip Hammond has admitted that the British cabinet has never even discussed the desired final outcome they want from the Brexit negotiations.

Hammond confirms cabinet has not had specific discussion about final Brexit outcome it wants

Q: Has the cabinet discussed the end state, where the UK wants to get to after Brexit?

Hammond says there have been discussions about Brexit, but not a specific one about the end state.

He says the first discussion will come in a cabinet committee.

That can only happen when they know talks will move to phase two. Any discussion before then would be premature, he claims.

Hammond confirms cabinet has not had a specific discussion about the final Brexit outcome it wants, the so-called “end state”.


Would SF not seize the opportunity to take up their seats in Parliament and offer support to the PM to get through this impasse. The DUP reaction alone would be worth it.


Could someone give a few bullet points on where negotiations are at. Are we winning and if we are what does it mean. Have the Brits been sent home with their tea in a mug?


But sure even if the DUP supported this deal, the Brexiteer crackpots won’t vote for it.

The DUP are obviously cunts but their position has at least has a logic to it. They are a party that is dedicated to the preservation of the UK above all else.

It’s not the single market and customs union they object to, it’s that they see special status as a stepping stone to the break up of the UK, especially as Scotland and Wales would immediately demand the same.

Of course that logic doesn’t extend to abortion rights and gay marriage.

This is the have the cake and eat it approach. But only a small piece of cake.

The crackpot Brexiteers are the real problem, not the DUP.


The Brits don’t even have any tea in their mug. And half the mug has been cracked off.


I liked this bit.

A bit like Dimmy Riggins coming to the aid of his fellow circle jerker @Enrique.

Jacob Rees-Mogg came to Davis’s aid with a delicate under-arm question, inviting the secretary of state to agree that, given the non-existence of “impact assessments” the provision of non-impact-assessments was the very opposite of failure to comply with parliament. It was, indeed, going above and beyond the call of duty; an act of magnanimous transparency. If anything, the fault here lay with opposition MPs for having the temerity to request sight of an invisible thing. Davis demurely agreed.


Of course not, Sinn Féin have never seized the political initiative. It’s been baby steps for them since 1922 with their hands held all the way.


sinn fein/ira are only spoilers with no political nous or strategy


The current incarnation of Sinn Fein didn’t exist in 1922, mate.

They wouldn’t exist for another 48 years.

At least try not to make such elementary mistakes.


Mary Lou will turn all that around - I can’t see her getting Jarry’s job though, they’ll surely keep the leader in the north - Mary Lou might deflect, again


Okay mate, then Sinn Féin cannot claim the legacy of the 1916 Rising so.


Of course they can, and rightly so, in exactly the same way that the 1916 rebels rightly claimed the legacy of 1798, despite there being no such organisation as the “United Irishmen” in 1916.


Things getting very heated now over in Westminster. Reports coming in that someone has been glassed in the face in the House of Commons bar.


How? They renaged on the Proclamation?


Deary me. Your understanding of Irish and Northern politics is as shallow your understanding of everything else.


SF/IRA went into hiding last week during the francis Fitzgerald episode, scared of their shit that if they acted like sf/ira normally do roaring a d shouting they might force an election and have to round to doors begging for their jobs again.
So they kept their dirty big mouths shut until it was over and then were first out with all the answers.
It was fascinating to watch.


Huh. Why do SF claim that they own the 1916 Rising?

Why did they celebrate the 100 year anniversary of SF as theirs?

SF split kid, I suggest you read a history book.