You realise Ireland is fucked too?


Will there be another referendum, mate?


It depends on the DUP mate.


They’re too busy banging each other and marching, mate.


Brexit is unwinnable mate.

The Good Friday Agreement has made sure of that.

What’s going on at the moment is a few bald men fighting over a comb.


Hopefully. Think of all the babies that could be saved


There’ll be a general election over here first. That’s if Labour have the balls to go for the Tories.


A world cup final loss after a dodgy refereeing decision … followed by a snap election and then the death of the Queen … there could be a civil war yet.


Only the north mate.


Raab C Brexit they are calling him.


It’s what some of us are hoping for.


Don’t see it. Nobody in the Tory party has the guts to move against her. The DUP won’t have the guts to bring down the government. They’re scared shitless of Corbyn getting in.

Davis’s resignation doesn’t affect negotiations, because he was a negotiator in name only, having met with Barnier for a grand total of four hours since the start of the year.

May has actually been quite effective at undermining the Brexiteers from within by putting them in positions where they have been forced to deal with the consequences of their idiocy. Predictably they haven’t been able to and have run away. She didn’t have the guts to face them down, but in the long run having them discredit themselves might be a more effective policy.

Her problem is that she’s put herself in a position where there is no room to wriggle out of the consequences of her own public pandering to them.

May knows full well that Brexit is a crock of epic proportions. She knows that a second referendum between no deal, WTO terms or whatever crock of a “deal” that might be “agreed”, and remaining would be the sensible thing. But she won’t have the guts to call one. Her desperation to hold onto power is greater than her wish to avoid a crash out Brexit or a Brexit that seriously damages the UK economy, which is any sort of Brexit.


This is my take exactly


That’s all about right. But also she has been playing for time, mainly because that’s all that she has been in a position to do.


Sammy Wilson was on the radio this morning, the interviewer pointed out all the key original Brexit selling points that were missing from Mays latest plan. He was happy though because it was applying to northern Ireland too. Gas shit, we don’t care what England does, as long as we get it too.


Playing for time and going to bed each night like Dougal Maguire in a tent praying that God will have somehow made it all better the next morning.

He never does.


It’s been the only option she has had really. It won’t magically get better over night but sometimes things do shift.


Dominic Raab is a peculiar choice. He is in the David mould in politics and temperament. If May wants to stay in power longer term she would have been better choosing more of a nodding donkey. Guess rationale is if she had gone for a Remainer there would have been enough discontent to cause contest. She would have won that contest though imo and would have been better off taking the short term gamble. As it is all she is doing is kicking can down the road yet again.


But they don’t want abortion or gay marriage up North?


She’s trying to stave off imminent rebellion. She is hand to mouth. Always has been.