I think they’ll get in anyway.


I’m not sure, maybe he cogged it- something more literary, light Graham greene maybe? Not so much cogged as derivative perhaps


Never read Graham Greene, pal.

Is his stuff any good?

Would it be worth reading to derive forum posts from it?



Our man in Havana probably isn’t his greatest success but it’s very enjoyable. ‘The power and the glory’ is relentlessly heavy and serious. I read ‘the third man’ sitting outside a pub in the groenplaats in antwerp. I smoked a brute of a cohiba and drank a load if hoegarden. I was as happy as a dog with two cocks. That’s my literary review.


I enjoyed that.


“Full fat Brexit”. :laughing:

In an interview a fortnight ago, Raab said he supported a “full-fat Brexit” but “never said there weren’t risks with Brexit”.


The architect of the Good Friday Agreement and former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern is on Ivan Yates the last word right now giving the insights and experience one would expect from a man who has stood there before.


How is Ireland fucked by Brexit?

In the modern globalized economy every country has to stand on it’s own feet. Ireland is the preferred European location for US multinationals, and that will only strengthen after Brexit. The UK now only represents 11% of Irish exports, Ireland’s major trading partners are the US and continental Europe.

In terms of entities likely to be fucked after Brexit, I would put the EU first (where is the revenue going to come from to replace what the UK puts into the EU, more taxation?) and the UK second. Ireland will do fine.



The EU won’t notice the UK gone. Ireland, however, is going to be very deeply impacted.


The UK’s net contribution to the EU is almost 10 billion Euros a year. How is this shortfall going to be made up? Are countries like Italy, Spain and Greece whose economies were destroyed by the EU suddenly magically going to revive? Why do you think the EU is playing hardball with the UK on Brexit negotiations if they “won’t notice them gone”?

How is Ireland going to be “deeply impacted” by Brexit.


That’s only one section of our economy.

We export proper physical goods to the UK, not just software. The threat of Brexit has been good for Irish exporters in a way as it has forced them outside their comfort zone but it will still be deeply damaging if there is a hard one.

The worst thing about it long term though is the loss of that big influence alongside us who had a similar economic outlook. We are a nice chess piece for the EU at the moment but will be marginalized in the future sadly.


Jeremy Hunt appointed Foreign Secretary


Cockney rhyming slang?


The Tory MPs didn’t exactly savage the PM in the meeting tonight. The view is that the days of “peak Boris” are over. The fact that The Gover backed the PM last Friday means that Boris is done. Though The Gover could turn around and knife her tomorrow.


Gove is a propa greasy little cunt of a man


I think this plays out well for him tbh.

He jumped now so how emboldened his hardcore Brexit credentials, which is now no longer an impendiment for leadership of the party.

2 things happen for May now, she can’t reach a deal and there’s hard Brexit. In that instance, Boris rides to Brittania’s rescue.

Alternatively, she strikes a deal with yet more concessions which are unpopular but gets through. In that instance once again Boris can ride in as hero. The deal is done so what can Boris do other than a bit of blusher and rhetoric. It wasn’t his deal, he can just get on with being PM, in far more favorable economic circumstances than a hard Brexit.

While his star isn’t what it once was amongst the general public, he still has people who swoon for him and for all those moderates disgusted by him, they are more fearful of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.



The dup. Putting the fun in fundamentalism since 1971.


Strictly in private.

Aside from the obvious, Big Ian also been putting the dame in fundamentalism.

The rumours are that himself and Little Emma are also attempting to put an NDA in it.

I think Iris Robinson and Paul Berry tried that before but it didn’t work.