Strictly in private there were, at one point 3 super injunctions in ni. One sinn fein and two dup. The dup have since upped the stakes
A good friend was a member of the BBC viewers council. Apparently the best entertainment to be had was being privy to details of gerry anderson’s numerous disciplinary hearing and hearing what the lesser rev. and Jeff had been up to in London.
The SF super injunction involved a liason which would traditionally resulted in tarring and feathering, had the shoe been on the other foot.


Boris is a spoofer. He has no alternative plan beyond squeaking ahout a “hard Brexit” and platitudes. You could see the fear in his eyes the night they won the referendum. He’s a chancer.


What alternative is there other than another referendum or an extreme crash out?


Invade Belgium.


They wouldn’t be able to decide the invasion date.


Jaysus listening to Jeffery Donaldson this morning on Pat Kenny, dont know whether to laugh or cry listening to him.


Laugh. The Gollum lookalike was laughing in Rees-moggs face on Newsnight last night.


Do they ever get embarrassed? He was blaming the EU on the problems with Brexit and seemed to think that the EU should let the UK pick what they want and don’t want. Madness.


I don’t know why he keeps going back on Kenny’s show. Kenny destroys him every time. The bit where he said that they didn’t want a border between Belfast and Glasgow no more than we wanted a border between Dublin and Cork and Kenny pointed out we already had a border on our island that we didn’t want.:smile:


Do they ever get embarrassed by the shite the come on and spout?




Early days but Ms Brasier appears to have come out of this reasonably well. Did well in the Commons yesterday and seemingly got a good reception from the 1922 committee. There are two alternative views – one is that it’s chaos and she faces a leadership challenge but the other is that she’s now rid of her more troublesome cabinet colleagues and emerges strengthened.

Mind you, it’s not 1922 that’s on her mind this week but 1966. What an end it would be to her week if she were to end the 52-year wait. That would leave her unassailable. If it were to be the chocolate munching, faceless bureaucrats from Belgium that were beaten in the Final it would have a symbolism to it that even the most ardent Brexiteer would concede shows Mrs Brasier plans have merit.





Is this the post.that will see @Matty_Hislop & @tazdedub distance themselves from @GeoffreyBoycott


As my niece would say “bleedin Morto”. :slight_smile:


David Davies said as much yesterday himself that his leaving only strengthens her position. Davies said that he doesn’t want to be part of it as he doesn’t believe in it and as secretary for secession/independence he’d have to sell it. It wouldn’t happen in Eire. Can you imagine a cabinet minster even giving up a junior post in Eire on a point of principle?

I’m just amazed that Mrs Brasier hasn’t been taken out at this stage particularly after the disaster of a General Election and ignoring the wishes of the electorate on the Brexit vote. Its bizarre that she’s now emerging from all of this seemingly in a position of strength.


They have no alternative leader to her right now. They’re only chance is to hang on as long as they can and hope Labour implode. but I don’t think they will. Sajid Javid will be the next leader.


Yes but that’s not the point.


Who is Mrs Brazier?


Sajeed Javid v Sadiq Khan at the 2027 General Election should be some craic.