Trump has done some number on May and even said Boris will make a good PM. :joy:


Said May’s proposal would kill any potential trade deal with the US and that Boris would make a great PM hours before he was due to meet May. :smile:


Nothing has gone right for her since the day she took the office. You’d almost feel sorry for her - she was left in a steaming pile of dog shit by Cameron and tho she’s incompetent she also seems genuine… the poor bitch.


Hmmm…dunno about that, kid. She has been dropped in it alright though and is in an impossible position really.


Seems, pal … She’s a female Mr Bean :rofl:


It doesn’t help your position when you invite a supposed ally to visit the country and the ally then goes and says that you are disaster and a bumbling idiot like Johnson would make a good PM.

I’m starting to believe that Trump is on a big Wind up just for shits and giggles.


Actually probably good for May, bad for Boris.


Well she’s still there to be fair to her. Lots of luck but she played last Friday well.


The Don is the greatest Wum we’ve ever seen. :wave:


He actually gets stuff done as well, whether you like him or not.


I’m in the former category. If I was American I’d campaign for him.


He could well be re-elected in 2020 .


He’ll walk in. It’ll be like Reagan in 84.


Barring something big he will be hard beat. The Democrats not going great .


The only thing that could derail Trump is the US economy going into a major recession. We are due a recession, but it might be delayed by further tax cuts for small businesses. The Democrats will run on “no borders, no profits, no prisons”, which will mean defeat even if the economy weakens somewhat.


He’s box office on the campaign trail. Sadly though we’ll never reach the heights of the 2016 Primaries and GE though.

Maybe if Crooked Hillary rouses herself again.


That clip is classic. Bill doing the little dance behind Hillary :smiley:




The plane people of Ireland won’t like that page .


The Sun really missed a trick by not calling Airbus “BUS WANKERS” when they warned they might pull out of Britain.