They’ll be EU citizens living outside the EU, same as any EU citizens outside of the EU currently, not sure there was ever an expectation of anything else?


I think six county nationalists expect more.


He has chosen to ignore the pipelines from EU to the UK there.
Half of UK’s LNG in 2018 came from Russia…


Bring the 6 home.


Not to mention if the jocks take another run at independence they’re screwed themselves


We could pump the LNG straight into our system as well and cut out the middle man. There were already plans for this in Ballylongford, but they were stalled by some attempted extortion by the regulator. I think they are back in the pipeline (:smirk:) again now though thanks to Brexit. It should be given fast track approval now as a matter of national importance.
Not that the Brits can afford to stop selling us gas at the drop of a hat. I’m sure those pipelines haven’t paid for themselves yet and contracts etc are signed



@Matty_Hislop, that is just what I think will happen in the North as well. No-one on TFK cares about my opinion and I don’t care about theirs but fuck it, another too-long post:

The UK is saying they won’t accept a Norway style deal, that such a deal would be a massive betrayal. But even a Norway style deal involves massive delays at checkpoints for lorries, potentially for even over an hour. I honestly expect at 20% drop in economic activity in counties Tyrone, Fermanagh, Derry and southern Down within the first week. Mass unemployment within a month.

That’s not even touching on the farm quotas which is surely the biggest thing of all. The knock-on economic effect of that will be off the charts. Less money from London to throw at the problem also. I honestly expect unionist protestants to be protesting outside Arlene Foster’s constituency office with torches and pitchforks within 6 months.

There will be no compromise and they’re completely incompetent. There will be hard Brexit introduced overnight. Planes will be grounded. Unimaginably long delays at the ports. France will just open Calais and let all the Africans flood across. Violence in the North, just attacking anyone and everyone. This is honestly what I’m expecting.

Allah akbar.


You’ve taken yesterday’s result very badly. Chin up fella.



52%, eh?


Throw up a link to the survey and its methodology please mate, because it’s obviously bollox


Brexit vote?
I agree


And into the sea
Goes pretty England and me
Around the bay of Biscay
And back for tea
Hit traffic on the Dogger Bank
Up the Thames to find a taxi rank
Sail on by with the tide
And go to sleep.



What a disgusting attitude @flattythehurdler


My very own little fishy :slight_smile:


Rent free


Ahead of the curve again. I’ll call this an exclusive.


Brexit is a project of truly epic vacuousness. This is a proper defenestration by the trade negotiator chap.