Two girls one weave


I subconsciously found myself nodding my head in agreement to this.


Massive hold ups will be a benefit to British trade, or something. But these massive hold ups won’t happen, that’s Project Fear. Sure the Norway-Sweden border is a doddle, says Rees-Mogg, because Norway is in the single market.

Which is exactly what he wants Britain out of.



Check out @itvnews’s Tweet:


Mrs. Bean.


Barnier is starting to wilt, he’ll fold like a cheap tent


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Barnier is starting to wilt, he’ll fold like a cheap tent.

Don’t say he was at Electric Picnic as well?




Crossing the border into the wee six is already like going back in time, now they want to make it official.


I never heard it but the running joke was that, upon touchdown in Belfast pilots would say, “you’ve now arrived in Northern Ireland. Please turn your watches back to 1690”


Yerra they used say similar about BA pilots landing in Saudi. Real banter merchants.


Barnier is folding like a cheap tent, Mrs May is a tremendous tactician


The EU will sell the Oirish down the river if it comes to it. As per usual


No they won’t. He’s changed his language slightly, but it’s going to be a brexit on the harder edge of the scale (entirely mays idea due to personal bigotry and the fact that she’s, well, a bit of a dim little englander), with a slightly soft border in the Irish Sea. This is just dup appeasing rhetoric.
In fairness, the eu has hardly sold us down the river in the past, they’ve thrown money at us hand over fist.


The Oirish will be screwed over by the EU as per usual but the consensus will still be it’s all the brits fault. Gotta love paddy the house n1gger


Paddy will get a few billion to build a road in ballybollix to keep him quite


May is out of her depth as a leader. She’s relying on a corrupt, bigoted, reckless crowd of gangsters to keep her position and notions about herself intact.
The dup have spent the last thirty years lining their pockets and have no principled stance about the economy in the north- their assumption is that you will continue to foot the bill. May is happy enough to go along with their thieving as long as she has a majority of three. The peace that her betters fought for is beyond her comprehension.



You don’t have to agree with her but it is actually amazing that she has lasted this long.

From a parliamentary stand point, to still be standing is amazing. She has threaded the fine line of Tory rebels early on potentially scuppering the various withdrawal Bills and also keeping hard line Brexiteers on track.

She is fortunate in a way that her opposition is Corbyn. Remainer Tories are terrified of him and Corbyn has also failed to provide meaningful opposition on the subject.

Whilst the hardliners are still crowing, she is in place still and she can still get the deal through.

Her problem right now is that she has negotiated internally with the Conservatives but now has the more challenging task of the EU. She has lost a lot of good faith over what happened last December with the DUP and the lies that were told.

Plenty of her problems are of her own making (the awful general election campaign and her robotic response to Grenfell) but she was handed awful cards. She chose to take the job but I doubt she is enjoying it much right now.