Brian Boru Club,Ashton-in-Makerfield

I’m attending a charity event at the above club tonight and several of the Lisbon Lions are guests of honour.

A Q&A session kicks of the night,anyone want me to ask pertinent questions on Celtics shambolic season so far or pass on a few comments for the lads to take back and give to WGS.


I was reading the other day that one of the Lisbon Lions had a pop at Strachan at an event recently and Steven Pressley, who was a guest that night too, stormed out in disgust. Fook you Pressley - you greasy, bearded, hun tramp. Ask them about the atmosphere in the camp please Manus. The stories emanating about Riordan and Balde and then how other players who haven’t performed remain in the side create the impression of Strachan being a manager who has his favourites.

I’ll be sure to ask probing,incisive questions Bandage…

…especially after i’m as full a rocket on Stella.

Superb event last night,Billy McNeill,Bertie Auld,Bobby Lennox,Stevie Chalmers and Jim Craig all in attendance and having fierce craic with everyone.

On a more serious note,some of the crowd raised a few questions about the current team and the answers didn’t fill me with confidence.

I asked big Billy how come we’ve let such a piss poor hun team get in front of us in the league,he said “tactics and team motivation”.

Walter Smith knows his players are shit but he knows how to get the best out of them and with his tactics,grinds out results.

Strachan can’t do either of these things according to the big man and he’s bang on.

Some of the things these Celtic legends said about our current squad were less than complimentary.

Jim Craig told us that last weekend there were 10 functions on at Celtic Park and every player was asked if they could attend one or more of these gigs,not one player was willing to go,a player who shall remain nameless(Caldwell) said he’d go for an hour but wanted monday off as payment!!!

Another player who shall remain nameless(Caldwell) refused point blank to wear a Celtic scarf at the clubs player of the year awards when posing for photos with fans.

The Lions said apart from a couple of notable exceptions(McGeady,McManus were mentioned) none of our current squad have any kind of rapport with the club or fans or show any kind of will to build one,no wonder Strachan can’t motivate this overpaid shower of shite.

I was a bit surprised they didn’t rate Naka,but as Jim Craig said"Ye shudnae pick a boy jist tae take free kicks!!" He has a point

Bobo is a someone they all wanted in the team but WGS doesn’t rate him at all.

Thats about it lads,i’ll probably remember more when i sober up.HAIL HAIL

P.S. Bandage,cancel the hitman for Swayze,send him to Glasgow with instructions to execute someone who shall remain nameless(Caldwell).

Good stuff Manus. Think Billy is bang on about Strachan and Smith. There’s nothing special about Smith at all, limited enough manager, but he’s got his guys playing up to their (limited) potential.

Strachan is a decent coach, particularly with wingers who he identifies with. He did well with Maloney and subsequently with McGeady and he deserves credit for that. As a motivator he’s always struck me as being poor. We’ve started nearly every CL game poorly and we just don’t look we’re playing for eachother anymore.

And the tactics have gone shite too. We used to always be able to set ourselves up to cope well against the big teams (Milan, United in the Strachan era) but we were shocking against Barca. We were just all wrong.

I’d be willing to listen to offers for Naka to be honest. Koki is the future anyway.

Aye Rocko,Jim Craig says Mizuno is something special alright but he’s for next year.

That Bertie Auld is some fella,he was after shagging every bird in the joint,he had everyone in stiches all night.