Brisbane was smashed this week


[QUOTE=“Kinvara’s Passion, post: 1050791, member: 686”]:frowning:

a truely beautiful part of the world

when the property crash hits in a few years its very tempting to sell up here and live like a king in sherwood,corinda or graceville - christ i miss bringing the kids to dunlop pool every weekend

My late evening jogs through the suburbs along the east bank of the brizzy river will always hold a special place in my heart.

No doubt in tough times like these the people of Graceville, Chelmer and Corrinda are coming together to help each other out.

The Family nite club in the Valley. Brilliant.

What fun to see all the Irish Roasters fresh in the city walk up to the door, passports in hand and shoes on ready for entry, only to be told “this is a dance club, no shoes”…

Great days, best pills I got since the early days necking Mad Bastards in the Asylum…