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But that report suggests we are doing “better” than other countries? Are you suggesting we should aim to increase our rate of numbers on disability to match Norway?

Why could numbers on disability have increased since the 80s/90s? :smile:


More hearsay.


Ireland spends too much on social welfare.

The tax payer gets royally fucked on what it pays in relation to the spending on Education and Social Welfare.

Do you always ask what’s your point when you are rumbled?



So the system works? Thanks.



Households with a work intensity below 20 percent are categorized as very low work intensity (VLWI) households by the European Union. Ireland is notable in this regard as it persistently records the highest incidence of VLWI in the EU. In 2014, 21 percent of individuals in Ireland were living in VLWI households compared to an EU average of 11 percent

The main findings indicate that, compared to non-VLWI households, VLWI households in Ireland are more likely to be single-parent households and their members have a higher incidence of chronic illness and disability benefit claims. Of particular concern is the level of persistent joblessness; 18.8 percent of VLWI household members over 25 years of age that are currently not working, have never worked. There are several notable differences between the data for Ireland and the rest of the EU. An examination of the distribution of work intensity reveals that Ireland has a strikingly high number of individuals in households with zero work intensity relative to households with high work intensity, and this worsened dramatically from 2008 onwards. The percentage of VLWI households in Ireland that are single parent households is the third highest out of 30 countries, and the percentage of VLWI household members whose economic status categorizes them as being engaged in domestic and care duties far exceeds the EU average.


This conversation is above your ability level.





Debate is above your ability level which is why you’re doing a cyber tap out now.


If lots of people are caught testing Positive for PEDs does the system work or is it a sign lots of people abuse PEDs


Have you heard of that recession yoke we had?


So maybe if we lowered social welfare people wouldn’t be able to pay for PEDs?


His MO.

  • Runs into a topic that triggers him
  • Asks a few open ended questions, doesn’t add to the debate
  • Puts fingers in ears running away saying it’s the other person who can’t debate when’s he’s presented with facts and an argument


Because you make a different argument elsewhere

Anyway school is out for today and you have been schooled.


Ireland has had lower levels of unemployment that EU levels for quite some time.and we have been creating more jobs.

It’s like as if they didn’t suffer.

Oh yeah I forgot this wasn’t the Catalan Independence thread where the lefties can bring up youth unemployment in Spain…


@Nembo_Kid with another stunning retort :grinning:




And you have given us another rather tame deflection to the theme you no longer want to debate. How about you stay on topic?


Can you read?

Ireland’s positive demographics suggest it should have a lower disability rate than other countries in Europe.


And it does.