Budget 2018



You tried to use the Irish recession as an excuse.

The reality is that the EU also suffered a wide ranging recession.

Your point was ill thought out garbage.


Back to the topic then:

Can one single person please post some evidence to suggest that people making a lifestyle choice to stay on the dole is a problem that is in any way significant.

If so, I will acknowledge that there is a problem and we can all discuss how to address it.


Social Welfare makes up nearly 50% of state spending.

That’s a glaring problem right there.




It’s too high. There are problems in the health sector and other public services that this money should be going into.


You have been given plenty, that you choose to ignore.


Run on please.


As I thought, you have very little in the way of articulating your point of view.

When you don’t like it, you run away.


Where? Any estimate of the percentage of “lifestyle choice” dolers and what it costs us, at all?

Varadkar was to save us jillions by catching all the smelly fraudulent dolers, how did he get on?


You have some gall to be criticising the country that took you in and gave you a job. It’s immigrants like you are stealing all our jobs and forcing us Irish onto the dole.


That’s an extremely racist outlook. As a tax contributor and EU citizen I have no gall.


TFK really is blueshirt country.


It doesn’t suppprt your argument. At all.

During the boom unemployment stubbornly hovered at 4%. Are you genuinely saying that there weren’t jobs available then. We had huge amounts of workers immigrating to Ireland, often working in low-skilled jobs I.e labourers, farm-workers, hospitality sector, retail etc.

Why did the 4% not take up work then. It’s patently not because the work wasn’t available.

You refusing to accept that there are a cohort who are quite content not to work in the light of all the evidence provided just makes you look stupid. It’s probably one of the reasons you’re continually mocked on here.

I think there’s a broader point here made by @Fagan_ODowd and well worth exploring that this is just part of the deal and the cost for a functioning society or in the report that I mentioned which examined the pros and cons of reducing supports. You however, are so far up your wannabe Una Mullaly arse, that you can’t even concede there is an issue in the first place let alone discuss potential solutions rationally.


Who dares wins!


Conpletely different point to the one I adressed


thats the end of him in this debate, he’ll run now


Hardly a surprise the top 1% back a party that wants to reward those who come in late and get up early.



We have given you numerous examples of where there is potential welfare fraud.

  • the growth in the number of “disabled” persons leaving the workforce, despite our youthful demographics
  • how we use a higher definition of full employment to other countries
  • how we have OECD high rates of single parent households, despite high rates of marriage and low rates of divorce by the same standards
  • how we have a significant amount of households with “low intensity” work, far above the EU average and top of the table

Your response to the latter indicates your purely ideological position on this and inability to debate, you brought up the Irish recession as an excuse for that when the EU as a whole suffered a widepsread recession.

You think in your own bleeding heart head that your position is a good thing, that you are sticking one to those nasty “right wingers”. You aren’t helping anyone though. Just like your position on travellers, you want to deflect and ignore rather than make things better. The problem with welfare culture is that it breeds into the next generation, and children don’t have a chance to better themselves, despite Ireland being a place of great opportunity for people.


How much of it did varadkar’s much vaunted crackdown uncover?


This is a shocker of a story. Makes my blood boil.