Budget 2018


It wouldnt pal, tractors have gotten fierce complicated in recent years. God be with the days of starting them with a flat nail.


It does.

Of course you can’t understand statistics.

  • we have the youngest population in Europe, but when you standardise for this we are only below Norway for the % of the population on disabilities
  • people claiming disabilities went up by over 40% in 10 years, despite just a 7% rise in population
  • despite having one of the most educated populations in Europe, we have the highest number of young people on disabilities in Europe


That was fancy. I used to start them with a handle. The other uncle didn’t have a tractor. He had a horse that did all of that work.


I don’t know why but I’ll reply. You keep repeating these things like they have meaning. Without context they don’t.

So we are only behind Norway. So what? What does that mean good bad or indifferent?

Should numbers on disability remain static as a percentage of population across the years forever and ever? How thick are you?

What does education have to do with disability? Can disabled people not be educated?