Budget 2018


I doubt it


Zero BIK for electric cars I think


Vulture Funds weren’t really here pre crash. You stated;

Wrong. Pepper et al are pretty much new to the market. Giving out about them has merits, but once again you show yourself to be all over the place in your comprehension of the issues.

Whilst it is true that a great many people in Ireland did have to honour their debts while losing their jobs, it is also true that a great many ordinary people went into arrears and managed to stay in their homes.

A great many ordinary people also benefited from the state saving the banks.Bondholders did well, but don’t forget that many bondholders are simply ordinary pensions of workers who paid into them their whole lives. People with money in the banks weren’t running to get their cash out in September 2008 because the State guaranteed over and above what the EU would. On the flip side, a great many investors lost out on the banks shares tanking - from institutional investors to ordinary people.

As with everything, there’s nuances to everything. On Planet Mike everything is a conspiracy against the little guy.


Fuck it anyway. I thought I was in for a nice little break.


Yeah but they weigh it against your previous driving record…


You’re all over the shop there. You try very hard to appear intelligent but scratch a little deeper and there is very little substance to anythin you say. Cliché riddled bullshit bingo.


How exactly am I all over the shop?

I just gave you a reply to your contentions, either argue them or not.


OAP’s the biggest winners again. Thank God for this Fíanna Fáil led Government. €5 for Nanny, €5 for Boxty and €5 for the carer (half actually) for Boxty again.
They can stick the 50c on fags up their holes - alternate suppliers. A fucking great little country as espoused by that Independent wally from Tipperary (Healy/Hayes) making drinking signals across the floor at some other gimp on Oireachtas Report. Jokers the lot of them.

But Hey! carry on lads.:beer::tumbler_glass: We’re all aboard for Moscow.


What was your reaction when they told you they have a Christmas bonus in Britain too


It’s the only thing that gets him on the boat mate, a week scrounging off the relatives pretending he had his wallet stolen :rofl:


I never said they were.

Please inform us how allowing Vulture funds to set up as charities and pay little tax on profits has any merits for Ireland?

People managed to stay in their homes but none had their debts guaranteed by the State.

Short term, ordinary people may have benefitted from the state guarantee but future generations will be paying for it so, long term it was a bad decision. People will be paying for debts that happened before they were born. Myopia is a common trait amongst people like your good self and was a contributory factor to the crash in the first place.

I’m looking at this from an Irish perspective. To think there was a net benefit for the ordinary Irish person from the bailout is very strange.

This is no different than someone walking into a bookie and putting a tenner on a horse. It might win, it might lose. Investors are gamblers. If you can’t afford to lose it then don’t gamble it. Unless you’re a bondholder that lent to Irish banks, that is. You actually get a premium for risk even though the state guarantees it. Great deal In fairness.



Mad comment. People on welfare spend all of their income. They spend the vast majority of it locally and they pay vat on everything. Increasing welfare is a boost to small businesses.


I spend all my income too mate :sweat_smile: And pay income taxes etc. Where’s my free house? My free medical card? Etc


I’m going to buy €5 worth of Cyril Squirrel savings stamps in the post office each week.


It is there for you if you want it pal, just leave your job and play the waiting game.


Go for it. If you’re so jealous of other peoples “lifestyle” then pack it in and sign on, it’s as open to you as it is to anyone else.

Let us know how you get on.


That’s a silly argument. Welfare traps people and families. Removes a lot of the impetus and motivation people should have to go and find a job. More to work than making a salary - builds character, self esteem and chance to progress.

Welfare should never be an alternative to a job but for lots of people it is and they end up trapped there and their kids get trapped there.

If you work the amount you pay in is not capped but amount you can take out if you lose your job is capped and not linked to salary. Unlike say Germany where it is linked to salary and then falls away after six months and twelve months.

Welfare should Be a safety net and not a hammock.


Ah yeah. It’s all about impetus. Nothing to do with education, disadvantage, anything like that.

What does full employment look like to you?

What do you think your notional “won’t work” characters cost the state per year?


I hate this argument. It’s the same with teachers. “Why don’t you go do it so?” Just because something is an option for people doesn’t make it right. We have a society where it is preferable to not work than to work a low paid job. Ever. That’s wrong. Only a fool would argue otherwise.


Do we? Says who? What’s teachers got to do with it? You want to be a teacher or you want them to be paid less? Why?