Budget 2018


Of course it is.


I saw a corporate finance partner from one of the big firms on the TV during one the PAC sessions and he was very animated in insisting that NAMA did a very good bit of business with that sale.


That’s a red herring.

It’s been proved that the Project Eagle sale was mired in sleaze and sold for a song. You were told all of this on here before the sale took place, but you are still happy to see the state lose such an eye-watering amount of money.


Ireland have a veto on that issue so that’s just the usual scaremongering.


I’m asking the questions here.


It’s the Blueshirt way. Doff the cap to their perceived betters while kicking the man in the gutter.


What are you basing this on? Hearsay?


NAMA will return a surplus to the exchequer.


Irate at a few people on the dole getting an extra fiver a week, but grand with the taxpayer getting swindled out of billions on dodgy land deals. He’s a strange guy.


Misleading. They should have made more of a surplus. NAMA said they were answerable to nobody but the C&AG. When the C&AG said NAMA had sold assets for below Market Value and that the State didn’t get the best deal possible. NAMA responded saying C&AG didn’t know what they were talking about. How’s that for accountability.


What’s your political party of preference Mike or at least which party have you voted for in the last couple of elections?


Unrale mentality.


NAMA will return a surplus. Lads arguing it should be more are same lads who said it would cost the State money.


Well it did cost us money if they didn’t get the best price possible.


NAMA returning a surplus is a bit misleading. The state took the real hit when the bad loans were sold to NAMA at a haircut .


It’s a complete red herring, he’s been told that enough times.


It’s as much of a red herring as lads who argue about timing a market and selling a portfolio of assets in a basket case economy.

How much are the assets worth now?


How much did the banks lend out to the original buyers?


Basing what on?


:rollseyes: So you’ll cherrypick the odd scrap here and there, not proffer your own opinion and not debate any points you’re challenged on I. I know I’ve seen this tactic before :strokes chin: